Mrs. FSIA 2022 International Beauty Pageant organized in grand style at Hotel Marriott Jaipur

Forever Star India expertly planned the spectacular event on a massive scale. The beauty search began in Jaipur. Preparations for the event began months ago.


Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], December 26: The winner of the international beauty competition Mrs. FSIA was announced in a lavish ceremony at the Hotel Marriott Jaipur on December 18.

Stunningly beautiful Komal Singh was named Mrs. FSIA 2022. Mrs FSIA Winner’s first crowning was done by INDIA!

The group one (1st) categories of Mrs. FSIA winners are:

  1. Komal Singh – Winner
  2. Parita Sheth – 1st Runner Up
  3. Lipi Ajin – 2nd Runner Up
  4. Gurdeep Kaur – Beauty With Brain

The group second (2nd) categories of Mrs. FSIA winners are:

  1. Shilpi Benarjee – Winner
  2. Dr. Chanchal Mesharam –  1st Runner Up
  3. Bhumika Mittal – 2nd Runner Up
  4. Vibhuti Dubey – Beauty With Brain
  5. Neha Khare – Rising Star
  6. Sohita – Face Of The Year

Forever Star India expertly planned the spectacular event on a massive scale. The beauty search began in Jaipur. Preparations for the event began months ago. Anyone from anywhere in the globe is eligible to compete in this international beauty contest. The candidates chosen for this category have showcased their beauty at various crowning events.

According to the event organizer, Rajesh Agarwal, the event was meticulously organized by Hotel Marriott Jaipur and proceeded smoothly. It is the second season of Forever Miss India.

Along with Mrs. FSIA 2022, Miss. FSIA 2022, the FSIA also revealed the winners for Mrs. India 2022 and Miss Teen India 2022. The Super Women Award 2022, the ASIA Award 2022, and the Super Hero Award 2022 were also given out by the FSIA. In addition to these beauty pageants, Forever Star India also felicitated Best Influencer, YouTuber, Blogger, and Start-up categories were chosen from the city, state, and national levels. It is the first time that India has held the crowning event, and it is a proud moment for all of us that our nation has gained the respect of the world, continues the organizer, Rajesh Agarwal!

Forever Star India has granted franchises to 139 countries. Rajesh Agarwal, the event organizer, added it would be widely publicized internationally and be the biggest beauty competition in the modelling industry to date.

Speaking more specifically about the event, preparations began with a registration process and based on predefined selection criteria, models from all over the world are eligible to compete. This time, because India is making its debut, we have chosen models for the time being from different Indian states. The international beauty competition will be open to models from all over the world for the upcoming seasons, according to event organizer Rajesh Agarwal.

The FSIA App, a customized application created for this beauty content, includes several special features as well as a social media platform that will enable people all over the world to witness the event live for the first time. At the top, you will also be able to see the rankings of all models on Google and YouTube. The event was first scheduled for Live streaming via the app and YouTube channel.

This competition is open to Mrs. Model from anywhere in the world. The franchise for this contest will go to many cities, including the UK, Japan, USA, Australia, Europe, Spain, London, and Dubai.

In this competition, which will highlight international beauty, models from different countries add a dash of fashion and highlight their talents. According to the event’s organizer Rajesh Agarwal, the models that competed in this show were selected from various states within our country because India is a debutant nation to take part in this international pageant. In the future, models from 139 various countries will be able to participate in this beauty contest and win fame on a global level.

“The primary goal of hosting an international level beauty pageant is encouraging women to display their talents at a global level and empowering women throughout the world by giving them an outstanding platform, concludes Rajesh Agarwal!”