Matrix Entertainment hosts She Inspiring Women Awards

She Inspiring Women Awards as a real representation of perseverance, leadership, and empowerment.


New Delhi : The spotlight shined brilliantly on a unique person who has arisen as a beacon of inspiration and change at a spectacular Award sponsored by Matrix Entertainment, an Honour devoted to recognising amazing women who have left an unforgettable influence on society.

One name stood out among the distinguished 9 LIST FOR: She Inspiring Women Awards as a real representation of perseverance, leadership, and empowerment. Her path demonstrates the power of the human spirit and its ability to overcome obstacles. She has earned her position in the pantheon of those who inspire and spark change in a world full with extraordinary women. Her narrative is more than a personal triumph; it is a source of inspiration for future generations.

1) Sakshi Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer and Fashion Technologist:

Sakshi Sachdeva, a rising leader and role model for women in business, began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 23. She boldly quit her corporate career to delve into the business landscapes of the United States and Canada. Sakshi showed exceptional adaptation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic’s hurdles. During the lockdown, she supplied vital supplies and created job possibilities. She then expanded into customised apparel and uniforms, cooperating with prestigious companies such as Novotel, The Centrum, and Khelo India. Sakshi’s unwavering commitment to professionalism, top-notch quality, and customer satisfaction has propelled her remarkable success in the predominantly male-dominated industry she currently operates in, with an in-house manufacturing unit and a dedicated team of over 80 skilled artisans in Lucknow. Her story exemplifies the timeless characteristics of resilience, flexibility, and unwavering desire in the pursuit of one’s ambitions.

2) Maria Samuel, Gulmarg Ski Academy Director:

Maria Samuel’s innovative leadership has converted the Gulmarg Ski Academy into a beacon of winter sports excellence. The institution provides world-class facilities and extensive instruction, allowing enthusiasts to achieve their dreams. Maria’s business path, which was distinguished by drive and devotion, won her the Kotak Mahindra Bank and the WEE Group’s Woman Entrepreneur 2021 award. Her altruistic activities during the COVID-19 epidemic demonstrated her selflessness even more. The institution, located in the Himalayas, offers first-rate facilities and personalised instruction with a focus on safety. Visitors’ visits are enhanced by a variety of lodging choices and culinary experiences. Maria’s vision and dedication have catapulted the institution to worldwide recognition, establishing industry standards.

3) Dr. Manisha Kaushik, Managing Director of Samko Solutions India Pvt Ltd:

As a Genetic Engineer and Gold Medalist Microbiologist, Dr. Manisha Kaushik is a multifaceted achiever with a solid scientific background. She is also a trailblazing business entrepreneur with an Honorary Doctorate in Management and a TEDx Speaker. Interior Designer, Insurance Broker, Social Activist (Inner Wheel), Environmentalist, Author, and Certified Editor are among her many jobs. Dr. Kaushik is active with organisations such as the YWCA, Innerwheel, and the Society for the Physically Challenged and Disabled. With 25 years of experience in Administration and Human Resources, she actively promotes the female child in both her professional and societal endeavours. Dr. Kaushik, who was recognised for her achievements during the epidemic, is inspired by the aim of teaching and empowering girls for a better future.

4) Dr. Megha Goel, Astrologer, Pastlife Therapist, and Vastu specialist, as well as Director of Divinesoulss:

Dr. Megha Goel is a well-known personality in the healing and wellness fields. She has won several honours, including the Magicka Golden Book of Healer Healers in 2019 and the National Achiever’s Award in 2022. Dr. Goel’s outstanding contributions to Jyotish Prangan Urja were recognised with the Urja 2023 award. Her commitment to healing and knowledge of Jyotish Prangan Urja have made her a well-known figure in the health world. These honours recognise her extraordinary devotion to individual well-being and her tremendous effect on the healing arts. The cover of “The Spirit Quest” Barkatt E-Magazine features Dr. Megha Goel. The Spirit Quest – Barkatt E-Magazine will be the versatile Soul Healer and Guiding Light in 2023.

5) Aditi Dutta- Classical Dancer at KALAIE NILAYAM….A Premium Dance Institute

6) Anju Merium Vincent -Principal Designer at De Enron Artists

7) Archana Mahajan -Director of Regional Account Management and Business Development


8) Dr. Regina Vincent -Founder & Evolution Coach at PRISM 360° Evolutions

9) Neeta Mehta-Emotional intelligence coach, master life coach, TEDx speaker healer