GJ Tech provides a full range of services to meet the needs of the global gaming industry

The global video game market was valued at USD 195.65 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.9% from 2022 to 2030.

Gift City/Gandhinagar (Gujarat):  GJ Tech is a proactive and dependable gaming business support partner for global gaming platforms. GJ Tech provides a full range of services around the clock to meet the needs of the global gaming industry. The company serves both established and new clients in the gaming and gaming-related software industries. We work with gaming platforms to manage their players’ constantly changing demands and advance them to the next level. GJ Tech can assist gaming platforms in defining, designing, and developing processes in accordance with market demands. Our processes assist our clients in achieving their goals and developing a strong brand in an ever-changing industry. GJ Tech, which is currently headquartered in Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s Gift City, has dedicated all of its focus and resources to meeting the demands of international gaming platforms.

Since its inception, GJ Tech has grown through partnerships with international gaming companies, and we expect to expand our activities across multiple continents in the near future. GJ Tech recently announced new client engagements. This new customer has chosen GJ Tech as their top business partner, knowing that GJ Tech will prioritise the gamers’ experiences. GJ Tech also offers graphic design, website development, game creation, game tech support, sale & income generation, retention, post-sales verification, and other services in addition to chat assistance.

‘While more businesses are looking for solutions for their game concepts, GJ Tech supports us by using cutting-edge strategies to make our vision a reality,’ says a spokesperson for US-based software development company LGT Venture LLC. We are looking for industry-standard solutions for our newly introduced product in the gaming industry. GJ Tech’s exceptional expertise allows it to provide round-the-clock support. We are a leading creator and producer of digital games for mobile and web platforms, offering incredibly engaging free-to-play games. With a strong team of skilled project managers, engineers, software developers, game designers, graphic artists, 3D animators, and marketing experts, GJ Tech provides us with unrivalled service.’

GJ Tech believes in providing strategic marketing communication, IT, and technological solutions for gaming platforms that serve players all over the world. We work to bridge the gap between gaming platforms and their players by utilising cutting-edge innovation and ingenious automation solutions, all while closely monitoring the evolution of the global gaming industry.

We currently offer gaming MSS (Marketing, Sales, and Service), revenue generation, and retention support to our clients. Offering specialised service to our clients makes us very happy. We look forward to learning more about how our collaboration will benefit our client’s business, said GJ Tech’s Director.

‘We take pride in our ability to assist gaming firms in becoming more technologically nimble by identifying platform opportunities and addressing them with the appropriate solutions,’ he added. As a result, the partnership is mutually beneficial and growth-driven, as we believe in continuous process improvement for our gaming clients. We also hope to broaden our horizons by competing on a global scale in the gaming support sector. GJ Tech, as a growing organisation, believes in contributing to the development of the diverse gaming industry.

For more information on GJ Tech, please visit https://gjtech.co.in/ or contact us at business@gjtech.co.in. Follow us on Twitter @gjtech solution.