Digant Sharma appointed by Lash Entertainment FZ LLC to raise USD 353 million to develop AAA video game on Santana Dharma

Lash Entertainment FZ LLC is a leading video game development company based in Abu Dhabi


New Delhi (India) : Lash Entertainment FZ LLC, a leading video game development company, recently appointed Mr. Digant Sharma, the Founder of Francture Brands Private Limited, to raise USD 353 million to develop a AAA video game on Hindu Gods to connect the new generation with Santana Dharma.

Lash Entertainment FZ LLC is a leading video game development company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, led by Mr. Abhilash Nadukkandy. It creates game concepts for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC that are inspired by heroes from the Santana Dharma’s history. The players in the game are Hindu Gods. Because both children and adults enjoy playing video games, Lash Entertainment aims to reconnect the youth to India’s rich history. Mr. Abhilash targeted gamers from India and around the world who were hooked on the Santana Dharma through video games.

In various tranches, Francture Brands Private Limited will raise up to USD 353 Million for Lash Entertainment FZ LLC.

  1. Round 1 – USD 113 M
  2. Round 2 – USD 80 M
  3. Round 3 – USD 80 M
  4. Round 4 – USD 80 M

“We are very excited to formalise our entry into the Indian market,” said Mr. Abhilash Nadukkandy, Founder & CEO of Lash Entertainment FZ LLC. We identify India to be a huge opportunity, and with the right partners like Francture Brands, we are equipped to meet the needs of the Indian market”.

“2023 is a new year away from COVID, and the Indian market is primed for the unexpected potential of growth in the gaming industry,” Mr. Digant Sharma adds. With this collaboration, we will be able to serve the Indian gaming industry, which has recently created a division within the Indian government.”

Francture Brands Pvt Ltd is involved in investments, brand expansion, franchises, business consulting, digital media marketing, coal trading, software export, and other activities. Mr. Digant Sharma is also the founder of the Undertrial Welfare Association, India’s largest NGO that assists undertrials across the country by providing free lawyers, public interest litigation, bail money through CSR, and much more.

For more information, please visit www.francture.com and www.lash-entertainment.com.

Name – Mr Digant Sharma Mobile – +91-9920808363, +91-9769999960 Email – ceo@francture.com, im@digantsharma.com