Garv Jaiswal : From College Dropout to Young Self Made Entrepreneur his Remarkable Journey

He is proof to the fact that one doesn’t need a college degree to carve a successful entrepreneurial journey.


At just 21 years old, Garv Jaiswal who happens to be a school dropout has already founded his own digital marketing agency and a cheap flight booking platform called SearchCheap. Having grown up in the lanes of Kolkata in a family with no business background, there were not many career choices in front of this young man who was determined to make it big in life.

After leaving his education midway, all he did was focus on earning money. He started getting active on social media and doing digital marketing work for various online businesses and actors. This work as a teenager laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial drive.

With no guidance at home, Garv turned to YouTube to educate himself on business and marketing. At 18, he started dabbling in the stock market after learning from a neighbour. He read everything he could get his hands on to understand entrepreneurship.

At 20, the young entrepreneur in making left his small hometown and moved to Mumbai with almost no connections. The initial years were full of struggle, but he was determined to make it big. Living in a studio apartment and working odd jobs, he continued to learn and work on his business ideas.

During a long-distance relationship, Garv frequently booked flights between Mumbai and Kolkata. He noticed inefficiencies in the flight booking process and saw a business opportunity. He founded SearchCheap – an online platform for booking cheap flights and hotels when he was 22, and has not looked back since.

Garv says that he’s just getting started, and dreams of making SearchCheap a global brand in the budget travel industry. He also aspires to be counted among India’s self-made millionaires under 30. His rags-to-riches journey continues to motivate other aspiring businessmen.

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