BJP Leader Ramesh Awasthi organized Sanatan Yatra in Kanpur, Says PM Narendra Modi is “Sanatan Navjagran Ke Mahanayak

Special Ram Darshan Rath became the attraction for the crowd, Showcasing BJP Leaders JP Nadda, PM Narendra Modi, and UP CM Yogi Adityanath Alongside the Ram Darbar


Free Diyas, Ram Calendar, Bhagwat Gita were Distributed During Yatra

Wrestler Khali said Ram Mandir is pride of Bharat, will soon go for Darshan

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh):  In a momentous event that left a lasting impact on the hearts of lakhs of people in Kanpur. The presence of the esteemed wrestling legend Great Khali added a special touch to the occasion, making it even more memorable. The combination of spirituality, culture, and the presence of a renowned figure made this Sanatan Yatra a unique and captivating experience for the people of Kanpur.

The Sanatan Yatra, led by Ramesh Awasthi and accompanied by the towering presence of Great Khali, started from Ramlalla Mandir, Rawatpur with over 300 cars and several Rath’s, people and ended at Motijheel Valmiki Upvan covering a distance of around 40kms transformed the vibrant streets of Kanpur into a spectacle of unity and devotion.The enthusiasm of the gathered crowd was palpable as they welcomed the yatra and renowned wrestler with open arms. The yatra was welcomed by people at several points in Kanpur with showering flowers.

During the yatra distribution of free Diyas, Ram calendars, and copies of the Bhagwat Gita was done as part of the Sanatan Yatra organized by Ramesh Awasthi served as a thoughtful and meaningful gesture by providing these items to the people along the route of the Yatra, the organizers aimed to spread messages of peace, harmony, and spiritual wisdom.

Ramesh Awasthi expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support, stating, “The Sanatan Yatra is a celebration of our rich cultural heritage and spiritual values. It is heartening to see so many people coming together to embrace this journey towards enlightenment.”

Great Khali, known for his dominance in the wrestling arena, shared his thoughts on the occasion, “Participating in the Sanatan Yatra has been a truly enriching experience, Ramesh Awasthi’s vision of fostering unity and spiritual awareness resonated with the diverse crowd that gathered for this historic Sanatan Yatra is commendable. The yatra was joined by several BJP leaders and social activists like Sang Prant Pracharak Shriram , MLA Surendra Maithani , Bhupesh Awasthi, Anoop Tiwari and Vijay Kapoor and others.

The Great Khali after having  ‘Darshan’ of Ram Lala in an old Ram temple in Kanpur said, I am getting a lot of peace and solace. It is his good fortune that Ramesh Awasthi has invited him to participate in this Sanatan Yatra. Seeing the happiness and affection of people, Khali chanted Jai Shri Ram. The yatra was having a special Ram Darshan Rath, featuring notable political figures like BJP National President JP Nadda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and UP CM Yogi Adityanath, alongside the Ram Darbar.This attracted the attention of everyone on the route of yatra and people were seen chanting Jai Shri Ram along the route.

In a statement BJP Leader and Sanatan Yatra organizer Ramesh Awasthi, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and quoted him as the “Sanatan Nav Jagran Ke Mahanayak”. Shri Ram Seva Mission National Co-ordinator Sachin Awasthi also wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi to declare 22 January every year as “Sanatan Divas”. He added that Shri Ram Seva Mission looks forward to the recognition of “Sanatan Divas” as a symbolic day to commemorate the ongoing cultural and spiritual renaissance in the nation.

Ramesh Awasthi is also known for organizing Bharat Aam Mahotsav in National Capital & Kanpur. He has recently been honored in both houses of the British Parliament — The House of Lords and The House of Commons, London.