Kyaa Matlab Network’s five-minute podcasts foster experiential learning in India

KYAA MATLAB NETWORK's experience as a podcast production studio has shown that it is most practical for businesses or individuals to outsource their podcast production


New Delhi : It has been noted that people’s attention spans have gotten shorter over the years, but KYAA MATLAB NETWORK has managed to reach a million people and assist them in managing the expansion of their worldview with the use of five-minute podcast episodes.

KYAA MATLAB NETWORK’s experience as a podcast production studio has shown that it is most practical for businesses or individuals to outsource their podcast production to a team of specialists so that they can concentrate on the key details.

The services include creating intros and outros, developing a strategy, getting advice on equipment, getting the show ready, making artwork, arranging guests, and editing the audio digitally, all of which are essential parts of producing a podcast that carries the words of the host to success.

Money, youth, astrology, stock investing, mindfulness, beauty, SME solutions, management, mentoring, spirituality, healing, motivation, poetry, and shayari are just few of the topics that can be discussed on Kyaa Matlab.

Kyaa Matlab currently offers podcasts in a wide range of topics, including “Anubhav,” which helps seniors relive buried dreams. “Jadi Buti” allows young people to talk about their experiences with mythology and nature. The “Brand podcast” segment serves both commercial and thematic purposes. These podcasts are produced under the brand’s name and feature the same narrative elements seen in other podcasts while adhering to the company’s goals.

A collective of podcasters and content producers known as Kyaa Matlab can be found on a number of online audio streaming services, such as Kyaa Matlab website, Spotify, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast. It is active on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

With more than 25 years of expertise, Rashi Khanna an empath is the CEO and founder of KYAA MATLAB NETWORK. She is a skilled podcaster and a speaker. Rashi has presented workshops on podcasting at numerous management forums and institutes, including but not limited to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM). Additionally, her insightful workshops on BookMyShow sell faster than one could blink. Rashi serves as the Honorary Chair of the Ra by Rashi Foundation, an NGO that assists SME/MSME’s through Business Story Video Shows. Additionally developing her e-magazine “SHEERAA,” which offers unique business stories that shares the perspectives of visionaries and aspires to alter the world . All efficiently managed by Shiva Chaudhary who is the senior outreach and IT manager.

Kyaa Matlab Voice Network has been awarded the BEST EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING 2022, is the first professional online school in India that uses a revolutionary approach to education, builds self-esteem, and aids in the production of your own PODCAST, which also assists in becoming better listeners.