Zarine Manchanda appointed chairperson of Maharashtra Women Empowerment

She has earned two National Awards, both from Maharashtra's illustrious Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, for her extraordinary and exemplary work with the poor via her Foundation


New Delhi : Zarine Manchanda is a pioneer for Indian women entrepreneurs in India and around the world. She is a role model, a youth icon, and an inspiration to many Indian women, and she has paved the way for other Indian women to take charge, find a balance between personal and professional goals, and succeed in any endeavour they undertake.

Zarine Manchanda, at the forefront of this era, is a young woman who is arguably the most talked-about young woman in India right now, and for good reason: she is a go-getter with a tenacious, unyielding spirit of entrepreneurship who is also deeply committed to advocating for and defending the rights of the marginalised. Zarine Manchanda is one of the most qualified young Indian women nowadays. She is quickly becoming a household name in the United States and throughout the world. A young, award-winning businesswoman, medical doctor, and philanthropist, she has been featured in more than 20 major publications in 2021 alone. She has earned the enviable distinction of being covered by both prestigious business and political publications and glamorous lifestyle publications.

Her life reads like the script for a Bollywood blockbuster: she was born into a wealthy and influential political family in the holy city of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh (her father was a state cabinet minister), followed her dreams of stardom and glitz in Bollywood, and then veered off to build her own business and charitable empire.

She realised her full potential and found her life’s purpose on her journey of self-discovery. She was beautiful and charming, had a sharp mind, was successful in business, and had an eye for the elite, but she also had a mysterious spiritual energy that drew others to her.

Her subsequent ascent to popularity and prestigious awards are equally fascinating and illustrative.

In 2019, Zarine established a charitable organisation called The Zarine Manchanda Foundation Trust in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. Over the course of two years, the Foundation, a highly regarded and respected NGO, organised and carried out more than 150 food and clothing distribution operations in Aarey despite lockdowns caused by the COVID outbreak.

With this success, Zarine took a bold step into a new industry by opening her own café in Mumbai, now known as The Zarine Manchanda Café. The slogan for this product is “Delectable, Luxurious Spiritual Charm.” Unique selling propositions for the café include a blessing for each customer and the playing of Tibetan bells imported from Dharamshala.

The Zarine Manchanda Interiors, another of her businesses, is responsible for the chic decor of the café. Zarine Manchanda is widely recognised as the pioneer of the 7-Star Café Experience in India, and she has ambitious plans to grow the franchise both domestically and internationally.

In order to realise her dream of acting, Zarine established her own production company, The Zarine Manchanda Productions.

Zarine’s prominence as an award-winning philanthropist, CEO, and young entrepreneur in India’s top business and political magazines led to her invitation to join BRICS, a prestigious geopolitical and economic trade organisation that brings together five important nations to pursue increased trade and mutual economic interests. The BRICS group of nations includes Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. In December of 2021, Zarine Manchanda was promoted to the position of Regional Director, Mumbai, for the BRICS Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Zarine Manchanda Premium protection Service, a 7-star protection agency, and “Heavenly Flavours,” a 7-star cloud kitchen and food delivery service, were both established in 2022 by the young lady entrepreneur in October 2021.

She opened two businesses in March of 2023: the Zarine Manchanda Flavours of Himachal Pradesh Restaurant, which serves up delectable examples of Himachal Pradesh’s cuisine, and the The Treasures of the Himalayas Boutique, which features enchanting examples of Himalayan handicrafts.

Given her privileged upbringing and her exemplary and outstanding charity work, the media in India has dubbed Zarine a “Princess of the Poor,” poised to be a “Mother to Millions,” in honour of Zarine’s two lifelong role models, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, who developed a special friendship and bond in India while working to aid the poor.

In 2021, Zarine received many more prestigious awards. She has earned two National Awards, both from Maharashtra’s illustrious Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, for her extraordinary and exemplary work with the poor via her Foundation.

In recognition of her exceptional work for India’s poor and marginalised, Zarine was presented with the Nelson Mandela Peace Award and a Doctor of Philosophy in Peace and Conflict Studies.

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