NGO Muskaan Dreams awarded Great Place To Work certification

Great Place To Work® sets the standard everywhere it goes


New Delhi :  In India, Muskaan Dreams has been recognised as a Great Place To Work® (April 2023–April 2024)! The accreditation acknowledges Muskaan Dreams’ efforts to provide a supportive workplace and encourage the professional progress of its staff. The accreditation was achieved in part due to the organization’s welcoming atmosphere, visionary management, and emphasis on staff welfare.

As the foremost expert on company culture in the world, Great Place To Work® sets the standard everywhere it goes. Since 1992, they have studied over a hundred million workers throughout the globe to determine what constitutes a successful workplace, and they have come to one conclusion: trust. Leaders can get the information, insights, and feedback they need to make strategic people choices with the help of their employee survey platform. For over 30 years, the Institute has been doing ground-breaking research on what makes for successful workplaces, and it has provided its findings to companies, nonprofits, and government agencies in more than 60 nations.

Mr. Abhishek Dubey, Founder of Muskaan Dreams, shared his excitement at receiving this recognition, saying, “We are happy to be accredited as a Great Place to Work in the social impact field. Muskaan Dreams places a premium on its employees and works hard to foster an atmosphere conducive to their development. This accreditation validates our efforts to create an environment where employees feel encouraged to share ideas, take risks, and strive for perfection.

He said, “As we extend our influence and effect, we are dedicated to investing in our employees and providing them with avenues for both personal and professional development. We will always put our workers’ happiness and growth first since we know this is the best way to ensure our company’s continued success.

The Great Place to Work Institute India works with over 1400 companies each year in 22 different sectors to establish High-Trust, High-Performance CulturesTM that are geared towards producing long-term financial success. Hundreds of India Inc.’s top executives are members of the wonderful place community, which has made it its mission to turn India into an ideal workplace for everyone.

According to the Institute’s findings, exceptional workplaces have three characteristics: strong leadership, a positive work environment, and long-term financial success. These businesses may provide a uniform experience for all workers, regardless of their position, gender, length of service, or professional standing. Their top executives get into the company’s mission to become and remain an employer of choice, and they encourage their employees to do the same.

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Muskaan Dreams is a pioneering edtech NGO in India that is making a significant difference in the lives of students from marginalized communities dedicated to bridging the digital gap in learning and transforming education for students of marginalized communities who attend public schools. The organization’s mission is to provide digital access to underprivileged children who often lack access to technology and educational resources.

The organization’s work has had a transformative impact on the lives of many children from marginalized communities in India. By providing access to technology and digital education, Muskaan Dreams is breaking down barriers and empowering students to reach their full potential. Through their efforts, they are not only transforming education but also creating a more equitable and inclusive society.

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