World Designing Forum Member Jeevan Jyoti to Empower Women

Tanashpreet and Mehtabveer, Jeevan Jyoti's boys, are the guiding lights in her path, inspiring her to establish the brand 'Tanmah' - a lovely fusion of their names.


Mumbai :  Jeevan Jyoti, the creative mind of Tanmah Designers and a visionary businesswoman, has made another crucial step in her effort to empower women and elevate society. She is pleased to announce her acceptance into the prestigious World Designing Forum, where she will share her experience, enthusiasm, and unshakable dedication to making a good effect via creative design and empowering projects.

Jeevan Jyoti’s tale is one of persistence, endurance, and the pursuit of one’s interests. She comes from the peaceful hamlet of Bhanam, near Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. She was a former children’s mathematics instructor who opted to follow her passion and went on a wonderful adventure in the world of design. Tanmah Designers was created in 2023, marking the beginning of her artistic endeavour.

Jyoti’s path to achievement was not without difficulties. With the steadfast support of her family and a natural flare for design and an instinctive ability for needlework, she turned her ambitions into reality. Her spouse, Harpreet Singh Kahlon, was instrumental in making her ambitions a reality. His unfailing support and faith in her abilities fuelled her desire to conquer challenges.

Tanashpreet and Mehtabveer, Jeevan Jyoti’s boys, are the guiding lights in her path, inspiring her to establish the brand ‘Tanmah’ – a lovely fusion of their names. This moniker not only reflects her company, but also the love and commitment she puts into her work, just as she does for her children.

Jyoti’s dedication to bettering society stems from her background. She credits her abilities and ideals to her parents, particularly her mother, who taught her the complexities of creativity and tenacity. Her father, sister Amanjot Uusitalo, and brothers Parveen, Robin, and Vishal gave her the courage to pursue her aspirations. She also recognises her sister’s emotional support and her brothers’ unwavering presence throughout her life.

Jeevan Jyoti offers her message in her own words: “Girls, we have limitless potential to achieve greatness in life.” Let us accept our abilities and work together to make our society a better place. I am delighted to cooperate with like-minded people and promote good change together via the World Designing Forum.”

Jeevan Jyoti, a member of the World Designing Forum, envisions a platform where creativity meets social impact. She intends to use her knowledge and network to advance projects that elevate and inspire. Her commitment to developing women’s natural skills and promoting a feeling of empowerment is perfectly aligned with the forum’s objective.

Jeevan Jyoti’s path from mathematics instructor to acclaimed entrepreneur and now World Designing Forum member is an inspiring monument to the power of persistence and innovation. Her tale inspires others from all walks of life to follow their aspirations and make a difference in the world.

Jeevan Jyoti is the inspirational creator of Tanmah Designers, a creative venture that combines her love of design with her commitment to social advancement. Her path from mathematics instructor to successful entrepreneur has been marked by unshakable perseverance and a steadfast dedication to make a good difference. Jeevan Jyoti hopes to contribute to meaningful activities that generate good social change via her participation in the World Designing Forum.