Washington University in St. Louis and IIT Bombay solicit applications for their 9th executive MBA batch

The Executive MBA program gives the participants an opportunity to expand their horizons, learn from experience and interaction with the others participants and the faculty.


Mumbai : The partnership between IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis is a historic coming together of two prestigious institutions to launch an innovative executive education initiative. This relationship raises the bar by combining the technical expertise of IIT Bombay with the superior business education offered by Washington University in St. Louis. The cooperation not only improves education, but also helps drive innovation in business by encouraging cross-cultural collaboration and thought leadership.

The Executive MBA program gives the participants an opportunity to expand their horizons, learn from experience and interaction with the others participants and the faculty. The learning path is empowered by the opportunity to immediately apply concepts, skills, and know-how acquired through assignments, drawn from business and current managerial challenges.

Graduates join a respected and powerful alumni network upon completion of the programme. This network spans sectors and regions, providing many chances for cooperation, networking, and professional progress. Graduates have the potential to have a substantial effect on their firms and the broader business community.

The recently graduated Batch 7, which included renowned CEOs, went on a transformational trip that took them across two continents. They studied a comprehensive curriculum that included strategic management, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and innovation during the length of the programme.

Participants took part in intensive study trips, industry exchanges, and case studies, receiving unique insights and views from renowned teachers and industry leaders.

The grads, who came from a variety of businesses and backgrounds, finished the challenging programme with flying colours. The graduation ceremony, held on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, was a monument to their devotion and the program’s commitment to developing extraordinary leaders.

Mr. Gopal Shukla, joint venture CEO, commented regarding the program’s performance, “The EMBA programme has exceeded our expectations by creating a transformative learning experience for executives.” This collaboration not only strengthens IIT Bombay-WashU’s dedication to quality, but it also fosters an atmosphere conducive to knowledge and creativity. The achievement of our Batch 7 alumni demonstrates the program’s effectiveness and capacity to equip leaders for tomorrow’s problems.”

Prof. S.V.D. Nageswara Rao, Head of the Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, adding, “The IIT Bombay-WashU EMBA programme embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation.” We are honoured to be a part of this one-of-a-kind collaboration that promotes leadership excellence and prepares professionals with the tools to effect real change. We are thrilled to welcome Batch 9 and see them blossom as they begin on this life-changing adventure.”

“This programme will open doors and create many opportunities for you to transform organisations and make an impact on the world,” says Prof. Anjan Thakor (Interim Dean – Olin Business School). As a leader in the twenty-first century, you must be prepared to face and manage the waves of innovation, upheaval, and change that are roiling the globe today. It is your responsibility to manage the era of disruption with innovation and sensitivity. You must balance your decision-making with the evidence at hand and the beliefs that guide you.”

An exhaustive and immersive 18-month course, the EMBA is for a leadership role that prepares professionals to navigate from domain expertise to leadership roles. Conveniently held for 4 consecutive days, every month from Thursday to Sunday, it consists of 17 Residency Teaching Modules in India and 3 in Washington, D.C. & St. Louis.

Organized at State-of-the-art classrooms and best-in-class accommodations at IIT Bombay Campus, Mumbai it also includes One on one Executive Coaching tailored for career development.

With Alumni status and privileges of both the universities, it plugs you into a global network of achievers and business leaders across the globe. The top 20% of the class joins the global Beta Gamma Sigma network.

The participants come from a range of industries and functions, are technology savvy, open to change and passionate about performance. They are winners who have demonstrated career progression and success across levels. Each one of them has a strong drive to succeed and have reached out for exceptional career milestones.

Admission for Batch 9 is open now. The fee for the program is Rs 42 Lakhs (INR Forty-two Lakhs). Tuition fees include costs of textbooks, study material, lodging, and meals for the residency.

To know more about the program visit https://iitb-wustl.org/executive-mba/ or connect with our program advisor on +91 810810 5963 or admissions@iitb-wustl.org