Video of Lawrence Bishnoi Wishing Eid Surfaces, Gujarat police under scrutiny

In the video, Lawrence Bishnoi greets Pakistani Gangster Shahzad Bhatti on Eid, raising serious thee security and operation of the Gujarat ATS


AHMEDABAD : After a video of mobster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is presently imprisoned at Sabarmati Jail, was leaked showing him allegedly making a video call from prison to his contact in Pakistan, the Gujarat police—including the Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)—faced serious accusations. In the video, Lawrence Bishnoi greets Pakistani Gangster Shahzad Bhatti on Eid. The revelation of this video raises serious concerns about the security and operation of the Gujarat ATS.

The argument began when senior Akali Dal leader BS Majithia posted the video to his X (formerly Twitter) account. The video clip shows Bishnoi and Bhatti on a video call, infuriating viewers and raising concerns about how a well-known prisoner could have access to a phone in a high-security facility.

The situation quickly escalated into a political firestorm. AAP Punjab spokesman Neel Garg has publicly blamed the BJP for allegedly allowing Bishnoi to continue his criminal activities from behind bars in Gujarat. Garg’s claims have fueled debate over security practices and state jail system monitoring.

Since the video’s broadcast, questions have been raised about its effectiveness and overall security at Sabarmati Jail. Critics want to know how Bishnoi got a phone in jail. The Sabarmati Jail Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) speculated that the film was created by artificial intelligence. He emphasized that Bishnoi, who has been in isolation since his arrival in August 2023, is subjected to constant checks both morning and evening, and that Eid, which occurs three times a year, represents a period of intensified prison vigilance.

The video, which has gone viral, demonstrates a number of system weaknesses. Bishnoi, who is confined to a special ATS cell with limited access, may engage in a video communication, sparking speculation about possible internal collaboration or significant security protocol violations. Given Bishnoi’s well-publicized criminal history and the nature of his incarceration, these omissions are especially concerning.

In response to the outrage, Gujarat Government spokesman Rushikesh Patel stated that an exhaustive investigation is currently underway. Patel stated, “It is not appropriate if such an incident occurred. The entire situation piqued our interest this morning, and the investigation is currently underway.

The most essential aspect remains how Bishnoi obtained the phone. Because Bishnoi is imprisoned in a private cell and has limited access to his barracks, the possibility of internal assistance or severe oversight errors is highly debated. The circumstances have raised broader questions about the treatment of well-known inmates and the prison system’s credibility.