Surat : Third Unicorn’s Ashneer Grover and CocoHigh’s Veekas Doshi Discuss Founders’ Impact on Business Dynamics

"CocoHigh and Third Unicorn Founders, Veekas Doshi and Ashneer Grover, Exchange Valuable Business Insights in Surat"


Surat : In an enlightening conversation with Third Unicorn tech start-up founder Ashneer Grover, he offered his thoughts on the importance of founders in the business sector. The discussion took place in Surat at a WorkSpace Co event conducted by Ayush Marodia and Veekas Champalal Doshi, Founder and Director of CocoHigh, a premium beverage firm that is creating a niche with its distinctive drinks.

CocoHigh, led by Veekas Doshi, is reinventing the beverage business with an emphasis on flavour, quality, and an immersive experience. CocoHigh’s adventure started with a simple yet original idea: to make the world’s first and most beloved melted chocolate drinks. What began as an introduction to Surat’s legendary cold coco drink swiftly evolved into the birth of a premium beverage business. CocoHigh’s primary idea is that a great beverage should not only tempt the taste senses but also elicit emotions and memories, and this philosophy has inspired the development of a variety of delectable tastes.

CocoHigh began with premium melted chocolate beverages and has now extended to flavoured milk, energy drinks, iced coffee, and other products. CocoHigh’s beverage selection is ideal for every situation, whether it’s a fast pick-me-up, an energy boost, or just a pleasant drink to enjoy. In the future, CocoHigh plans to provide other products like as juices, drinks with Nate de Coco, water, and others.

“At CocoHigh, we are committed to assisting people in living healthier and happier lives, one sip at a time.” We are devoted to fostering a community of health-conscious individuals who understand the need of providing their bodies with the greatest nourishment possible, and to expanding CocoHigh into a brand that does just that’, adds Veekas Doshi, a passionate advocate for healthy living.

CocoHigh has garnered TPCI honours for “The Most Innovative Product of India” and “Fastest Emerging Startup of India,” as well as Iconic Product of India, Dadasaheb Falke Product of the Year, and many more.

Veekas Doshi discussed the role of founders in the corporate sector with Ashneer Grover and questioned the value they bring to the table. Ashneer Grover, noted for his analytical viewpoint, answered by highlighting the importance of founders in organising cash, manpower, technology, and enterprise for a firm. He also emphasised the myth that founders just reap the results of others’ labour, and he advocated for more education and awareness of the vital role that founders play in bringing people together to govern a firm.

Ashneer Grover has said that connecting the connections and understanding the larger picture is crucial to his success. He emphasised the importance of hard effort, adding that there is no secret to success other than unwavering attention to the job at hand.