Sportsninja has emerged as India’s sports voice

Sportsninja has been passionate about sports since 1990 and only recently went digital

New Delhi (India) :  With the growing popularity of various sports in India, there is an increased demand for sports news and updates. Sportsninja has quickly become the most popular portal for keeping up with all of the latest sports news and updates.

Sportsninja has been passionate about sports since 1990 and only recently went digital. The portal provides the best-curated collection of sports news and current events from India and around the world.

“The relentless spirit of Sportsninja is to reimagine how sports can unite the whole country in a single thread of strength, respect, and recognition. We keep sports fans up to date on important news and updates from all popular sports. We have received a tremendous response from our readers and followers in recent months, which has helped us establish ourselves as India’s sports voice,” said Jacob Miller, Director of Sportsninja.

Sportsninja covers all major sports news and events. It also provides services like sports news aggregation, sports news articles, sports news publications, daily sports news, live score updates, and sports letter subscription to keep sports fans and followers up to date on the latest developments. It also includes national and international sports and competitions, as well as awards for cricket, football, tennis, hockey, badminton, tennis, chess, motorsport, and other popular sports.

Sportsninja’s USPs include news that is to the point, only useful news, sports news updates at your fingertips, and live and free sports news updates. Sportsninja always stays in touch with its followers all over the world via push notifications, making it easier for fans to follow their favourite games and matches.

There has been an increase in the number of sporting events in India and around the world. While cricket and football have always been popular, traditional sports such as kabaddi have grown in popularity in recent years. There is no other sports website that provides interesting news and updates from all popular sports, unlike other websites that provide updates about cricket or other sports. The Sports Ninja portal was launched in an attempt to bridge the gap and change the way fans consume their daily dose of sports news. Sportsninja is also dedicated to providing free sports updates and information to all sports fans who follow sports and their favourite athletes.


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