South Gujarat’s Kshatriyas with BJP, PM Modi : CR Paatil

Kshatriya Leaders from various districts in South Gujarat gathered in Surat for a meeting with CR Paatil, the Gujarat BJP chief on Thursday


Surat : The Kshatriya community in South Gujarat, specifically in Navsari and Valsad Lok Sabha constituencies, continues to show their support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, despite some dissatisfaction caused by Union Minister Parshottam Rupala’s controversial comments.

Kshatriya Leaders from various districts in South Gujarat gathered in Surat for a meeting with CR Paatil, the Gujarat BJP chief. Paatil highlighted the community’s strong backing for the BJP and their trust in the developmental initiatives led by PM Modi.

In a candid revelation, Gujarat BJP chief CR Paatil shed light on the community’s stance ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This provides insight into the complex interplay between loyalty, discontent, and forgiveness.

The Kshatriya community is deeply upset and angered by the controversial remark made by union minister Parshottam Rupala. However, they continue to hold Prime Minister Modi in high regard and hope to see him serve as the PM for a third consecutive term at the Centre. According to Paatil, they approached him to express their backing for PM Modi and the BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Paatil provides a detailed explanation of the origins of the community’s protest, linking it to the controversial statements made by Union Minister Parshottam Rupala, which angered the Kshatriya population. In a surprising turn of events, Paatil shares that more than 108 Kshatriya leaders from South Gujarat gathered at his Surat office, expressing their unwavering support for PM Modi and the BJP, despite the evident disagreements. According to Paatil, the community’s endorsement is a clear indication of their strong belief in PM Modi’s leadership and the positive changes brought about by the BJP government in Gujarat.

“The Kshatriya samaj has a long-standing tradition of forgiveness,” Paatil acknowledges, highlighting the community’s remarkable magnanimity and resilience in the face of challenges. The Kshatriya leaders, despite having some grievances against Rupala, demonstrate a deep understanding of the broader political landscape. They acknowledge the BJP’s significant contributions to the progress and development of the state.

Considering the reconciliatory efforts made by party leaders, including himself and Gujarat Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi, Paatil recognises the difficulties involved in bridging the divide. Despite the varying outcomes of efforts to address the community’s concerns, Paatil maintains optimism for a solution that takes into account the desires and grievances of all parties involved.