Iyda Payments Partners with Federal Bank for Bill Payments Services

Iyda Payments is one of the best API service providers, and to provide much better services to its clients, they are now going to build a partnership with Federal Bank for Bill Payment Services!


New Delhi : Iyda Payments, with its trustworthy and secured services, have now become one of India’s most trusted and used rural to neo banking platforms. After the tie-up with numerous service providers, they have now announced their partnership with Federal Bank for bill payment services. Federal Bank is a pioneer in the country’s banking sector, as it is the first Bank to digitize all its branches in India.

A growing number of customers in India, in both urban and rural areas, choose Federal Bank as their personal, NRI, and business banking partner. The Bank’s motivation comes from its desire to rank among the most esteemed financial institutions in the nation. And the partnership with India’s best and most trusted neobanking platformIyda, Payments, is going to fulfill the vision of digital banking in every part of the country, be it rural or urban.

They are going to provide the listed bill payment services in this partnership, and these are available in the BBPS system as per NPCI:

Clubs and Associations


Municipal Services

Municipal Taxes

Housing Society

Landline Post-paid

Recurring Deposit

Mobile Prepaid

Life Insurance


Cable TV


Credit Card


Broadband Post-paid

Health Insurance

Loan Repayment

Hospital and Pathology





Mobile Postpaid

Education Fees


These services will enhance the user’s experience and make it easier for people to use the banking methods daily more conveniently.

Mr. Deepak, Founder of Iyda Payments, said that a partnership between Iyda and Federal Bank would help in boosting the bill payment services, especially in rural areas, which has been the mission and vision of the company. This partnership will provide a more convenient experience to the users!

About Iyda Payments:

Iyda Payments is India’s Most Trusted rural neo-banking platform, which has changed the banking picture in rural areas. The front-end delivery platform and a flawless rural distribution route are maintained by IYDA Private Limited, with over 2.5 lakh retail touchpoints. IYDA is a Fintech company located in India that focuses on financial inclusion and last-mile delivery.

In a very short period, we have accomplished major achievements; over 10 lakh individuals are using our administration every day. Our best-in-class and most skilled resources have extensive expertise in establishing distribution networks, particularly in India. In India, we can swiftly discover and activate your agent services. Our sales staff will swiftly locate agents in mandated territories, do due diligence, and collaborate with customers to activate them and begin service and project operations. The team will also keep an eye on the agent until he reaches a level of stable operation. The group focuses on gaining a comprehensive grasp of the payment and transaction technology space.

The founder of Iyda Payments, Deepak Kumar, has always understood the need for digital services he rural areas, as he has faced such issues. He believes that one of the most important aspects of India’s digital transformation is to start thinking differently because transforming our mindset is the initial stage that will help you in accepting the transformation.