Heart Rate Monitoring and Medical Record Management with Eka Care Health App

The Eka Care app monitors your heart rate with photoplethysmography (PPG)


New Delhi : Not wearing a smartwatch? Not at all! Find out how your heart rate is doing without leaving the house. The innovative health technology startup Eka Care demonstrates how their ground-breaking health software streamlines the monitoring of vital signs and the administration of medical data for Indians without the need for expensive gadgets.

Finding your medicines and medical records when you need them might be a hassle. The Eka Care app provides a central location for medical documentation and a comprehensive digital health report. Based on your test results, the app can analyse 400+ vitals, including fasting blood glucose, cholesterol, and vitamin D, and show you a trend chart over time.

The Eka Care app monitors your heart rate with photoplethysmography (PPG). This innovative system was created by a hardworking group of physicians, data scientists, and engineers at Eka Care in collaboration with Father Muller Medical College and Hospital to guarantee accurate and trustworthy findings. More than a million happy Indians have used the heart rate function.

“I was 52 years old when I found out I had high blood pressure,” stated one app user. The Eka Care app allows me to keep tabs on my heart rate, as my doctor recommended. This app has a low learning curve. All I have to do is utilise the camera on my phone, and the findings will be instant and accurate. Eka Care has helped me feel more in charge of my health and wellness. Whether at rest or after a workout, my heart rate is clearly shown. This is information that I may provide to my doctor as well.

The Smart Health Locker is another useful component of the software. Having a place to store and track medical history and vitals is a huge assistance. The app’s users may save their medical records in one central location, access them from anywhere, and share them through email, WhatsApp, or Google Drive. Moreover, using an Ayushman Bharat Digital Account (ABHA), customers may easily synchronise all of their prior medical data.

A 38-year-old woman with diabetes who uses Eka Care says, “I love how easy it is to keep track of my health.” The Smart Health Locker function makes it simple to access my medical history. My blood sugar levels and other vital statistics may be tracked over time. This is useful for guiding my health-related decisions.

Eka Care’s app is a simple yet powerful tool for those who want to manage their health records and stay informed about their body vitals. Today, Eka is empowering millions of individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

“I firmly believe that empowering Indians with a mobile-based solution to measure and manage their health profile is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. The Eka Care app is designed to enable individuals and their families to easily track and organize their medical records, providing a comprehensive view of their health. By making this information readily available, our app facilitates more informed consultations and healthcare delivery. Our goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, fostering a more collaborative and personalized approach to healthcare. With the Eka Care health app, we are committed to transforming the healthcare experience for millions of Indians, paving the way for a healthier future,” said Vikalp Sahni, CEO of Eka Care.

AboutEka Care

Eka Care is a connected healthcare platform, whose goal is to build a digitally enabled healthcare ecosystem between doctors and patients for better health outcomes. The Eka Care PHR app allows the creation of multiple patient profiles and the storage of health records such as vaccination charts, prescriptions, and lab reports, along with the option to share these records with healthcare providers.

Eka Care was founded by Vikalp Sahni, Deepak Tuli, and Abhishek Begerhotta in December 2020 with a vision to build a connected healthcare ecosystem for India. In the past, Vikalp and Deepak successfully built the travel booking platform Goibibo.

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