Gujarat : Geniben Thakor Resigns as Vav MLA After Historic Win in Banaskantha

Geniben Thakor, who won the Vav Assembly seat for a second consecutive term in 2022, has built a strong personal reputation in Banaskantha, Gujarat separate from her party affiliation


AHMEDABAD,GUJARAT : Geniben Thakor, the only Congress candidate to win a Lok Sabha seat from Gujarat, has resigned as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Vav. Thakor, who emerged victorious from the Banaskantha Lok Sabha constituency, submitted her resignation to Gujarat Assembly Speaker Shankar Chauhary on Thursday.

Thakor’s resignation adheres to the mandatory rule requiring elected representatives to vacate their MLA positions within 14 days of their Lok Sabha election win. Consequently, the Congress party’s strength in the Gujarat Assembly has now decreased from 13 to 12 members. A by-election for the Vav seat will be held within six months following the official announcement of the vacancy.

After tendering her resignation, Thakor expressed her gratitude to her constituents and the Congress party leadership. “I thank my voters for giving me the chance to work as their legislator for two consecutive terms. I am indebted to the Congress party and its leadership for providing me the opportunity to represent the people’s voice in Delhi as the only Congress MP from the state. In a democracy, elections and accusations are inevitable, but our primary focus should always be the people’s welfare. Whether in the Assembly or the Lok Sabha, my commitment to the interests of Gujarat and the country remains unwavering,” she stated.

Following her resignation, Thakor visited the State Congress office in Ahmedabad for the first time since her Lok Sabha election win, where she was warmly received by senior Congress leaders. The celebration marked a significant milestone, as Thakor’s victory is the first for a Congress candidate in Gujarat’s Lok Sabha elections since 2009.

Geniben Thakor, who won the Vav Assembly seat for a second consecutive term in 2022, has built a strong personal reputation in Banaskantha, Gujarat separate from her party affiliation. The BJP had fielded Rekhaben Chaudhary, a new face projected as the granddaughter of Banas dairy founder Galbabhai Chaudhary, against her. Despite the stiff competition, Thakor’s grassroots connection and innovative campaign strategies, such as the slogan “Banas Ni Ben Geniben” (Banas’ woman Geniben), helped her secure a memorable victory.

Thakor’s campaign was marked by her effective use of social media and a successful crowd-funding initiative, which saw her receiving small donations from supporters across the Banaskantha Lok Sabha constituency. Her innovative approach included providing a QR code for online donations, through which she raised substantial funds for her campaign.

A Legacy of Public Service

Geniben Thakor’s political journey began in Abasana village, Bhabhar taluka of Banaskantha, where she was born on January 1, 1975. Coming from a middle-class family with a political background—her father was also involved in politics—Thakor embarked on her political career 30 years ago. She first contested the Taluka Panchayat elections in 1995, becoming its President. Over the years, she has contested nine elections, including positions in the Taluka Panchayat, District Panchayat, Legislative Assembly, and the Lok Sabha. Out of these, she faced defeat only twice, demonstrating her enduring appeal among the electorate.

Her husband, Shankarji Thakor, and her dedication to her constituency see her traveling 200-250 kilometers daily, election period or not. Known for her fondness for sarees, Geniben is a familiar and beloved figure in her community, consistently connecting with her constituents.