Grrowth Circle promises second income and secure financial future

Grrowth Circle is the brainchild of noted entrepreneur from Surat, Anil Jetwani


Surat : These are uncertain times in which we live. Only three short years ago, the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus caused unprecedented levels of economic suffering. After recovering from the pandemic, the global economy is now facing the prospect of a potential slowdown, which is evidenced by the widespread layoffs in the global technology industry. People who are members of the middle class, particularly those with only one source of income, are the ones who are going to be most negatively impacted by the current state of the economy. Increasing one’s number of potential income sources is currently a pressing necessity, and Grrowth Circle has developed a solution that meets this requirement.

Grrowth Circle  is becoming stronger with the mentorship of Mr Sonu Sharma, an internationally renowned speaker, corporate trainer, and inspirational leader.
Anil Jetwani, a prominent businessman in Surat, conceived of Grrowth Circle in June 2016 as a way to bring together like-minded individuals with the common goal of developing themselves professionally and personally. The system is based on a novel model that encourages people to create a reliable secondary source of income that, in many cases, surpasses their primary source of income. There are many ways to make money through Grrowth Circle, but the main benefit is that members can do so without having to give up their current source of income. Let’s grow wealth together is the company’s motto.

Grrowth Circle is a novel concept with the potential to shake things up. In India, many people rely on a single income that, in most cases, is not sufficient to cover basic expenses. Aspirations and desires can’t be met because there isn’t enough money. With the assistance of Grrowth Circle, you can establish reliable streams of passive income that can be relied on in both prosperous and difficult times. Grrowth Circle’s founder, Anil Jetwani, explained that his company is helping people by providing them with new ways to make money while protecting their current means of support.

Multitasking has existed for a long time, but the biggest challenge is the absence of a consistent source of earnings. Grrowth Circle is a one-of-a-kind platform where people can choose and join any other business that generates extra income as a side hustle. Grrowth Circle specialises in networking, technical support and finding the right opportunities for individuals. It is ideal for youth, housewives, small business owners, financial advisors, salaried persons, network marketers, etc.

“We have identified 12 business opportunities that can help individuals to develop an extra income source. Of course, every individual is not suited for these opportunities. What we also do is help the individual decide which business is best suited for him or her to make the maximum earnings. We do this on the basis of the individual’s existing profession, qualifications, interest areas, strengths, and other factors. Only right selection of the opportunity is not enough. The person must have the required skills set to grow that business and hence we also provide them with the training to set them on the path of financial independence,” said Prashant Kanade, Co- Founder of Grrowth Circle.

Grrowth Circle has roped in a team of strong professionals to achieve its objectives. They include insurance industry professional Prashant Kanade, digital marketing expert Sunil Chaporkar, technology consultant Arpit Shah, and Business Strategist Shyam Sundar Sahani.
To become a part of Grrowth Circle, people need to visit its website

( ) and fill out a simple form. No fee is required to be paid to join Grrowth Circle.