QDegrees Reveals New Brand Identity, Demonstrating Commitment to CX Solutions

After its initial growth spurt, QDegrees prioritised becoming a client-facing ecosystem pioneer by investing in infrastructure and establishing a hub of excellence


New Delhi : Since its inception in 2013, QDegrees has played a pivotal role as a delivery champion, overseeing a wide range of customer lifecycle projects. Having recognised that technology holds the potential to improve delivery mechanisms and increase value for customers and other stakeholders, they have begun to implement these changes. We started down the path of digital transformation, and the pandemic years only served to solidify this new direction.

After its initial growth spurt, QDegrees prioritised becoming a client-facing ecosystem pioneer by investing in infrastructure and establishing a hub of excellence. The plan was to provide services for every aspect of the customer experience, from initial investigation to the creation of fully digitalized journeys.

QDegrees hopes to reach a “co-creator” level of partnership with its customers by strategically aligning with them in order to reach the next level of growth. As a result, businesses will begin focusing more on collaboratively developing and scaling strategies their customers value.

QDegrees is updating its image in order to reflect the evolution of its goals and philosophy, which is directly related to the expansion of its client base. To become “Co-Creators” in CXM Journeys, we have adopted a new identity that is innovative, collaborative, spirited, bold, flexible, and persistent while maintaining humility and discipline.

Product Innovation Solutions Covering the Entire 360 Degrees of Your Business.

QDegrees has broadened its range of products with the express goal of filling in all the gaps in your company’s infrastructure, making them an excellent choice for companies seeking all-around expansion possibilities. New and practical product options are currently part of the expansion, allowing you to complete any necessary business process. Several new products have been released that facilitate all-around business development by utilising novel declarations via both artificial intelligence (AI) and human interaction (HCI),  viz:

  • SurveyCXM
  • DoYourSurvey
  • QAViews
  • glueple
  • Checklistree
  • LeadOYE
  • SamparQ
  • shopperXM

For brands looking for inspiration, the company can now deliver a one-stop resolution to business worries using a multi-faceted approach.

  1. SurveyCXM

It helps businesses to capture the Voice of the Customer and the magnitudes of customer satisfaction through various metrics like NPS, CSAT, and much more. It offers a real-time dashboard giving quantified insights and analysis linked with action planning and close looping.

  1. glueple

Glueple is the perfect HRMS solution that offers the complete Hire to Retire (H2R) process in a single place. From ATS to managing attendance, HR Policies, travel bookings, KPI ratings, etc., it simplifies all end-to-end HRM-related functions using this innovative tool.

  1. DoYourSurvey

A user-friendly Do-It-Yourself platform that gives you the option to select your preferred research method and gives you access to a 3.5 million global audience for valuable insights. By offering, conversational to multilingual surveys, they aim to break down language barriers and reach a wider audience in rural India.

  1. QAViews

An AI-powered audit tool is a one-stop solution to capture data from clients to customers, providing real-time analysis and facilitating swift rectification and smooth decision-making. It allows businesses to work on pain points faster & offer custom solutions to customers enhancing their CX.

  1. Checklistree

A mobile-first inspection tool made to help organize the unorganized blue-collar industry. Users can improve safety & quality standards by converting paper checklists into mobile-ready inspection forms and distributing professional reports throughout the workplace.

  1. LeadOye

LeadOye enables you to manage and capture leads from multiple sources using forms and 3rd party apps. It allows you to bulk import leads, assign them to the right sales rep, and analyze them by multiple fields and filters. Additionally, it offers customized pipeline stages based on your business needs and provides insights on deals, their value, and the estimated closure date.

What are the Objectives of this Expansion Project?

This holistic expansion is devised to implement a complete brand makeover and be more armed for the ever-changing environment. By becoming an end-to-end provider & co-creator for their clients, QDegrees will help businesses transform their customer’s distressed journey into a seamless and satisfying experience. From a better brand tone, and brand logo to expansion in the product portfolio, offices & team- everything is intended to provide stronger systems and support to the businesses.

With this expansion, the firm ensures that the integration of tech & team will be in a way that human sentiments with customers stay intact. Bringing the expansion in terms of physical presence, the immediate objective is to have nationwide accessibility. Establishing regional offices for corporate and project work present in all states from north to south and sideways are in the direct line of vision.

The Steps to Progression

How does QDegrees excel in business operation management and customer relationship? The answer lies in how well the brand has done for its customers. The brand has engaged in high-profile brand engagement projects, customer networking, and seamless communication strategy development for business-customer relationships. It recently collaborated with a sports-tech brand & helped them win Hackathon by facilitating the right tools and techniques to win.

To create unique and seamless CX solutions for businesses, QDegrees uses its rich experience in internal and external business operations to ensure that its latest offerings solve all issues. The company is much more than a business service brand, as it offers an all-around experience for leading, managing, operating, and maintaining the conduct of businesses through various modern tools, with the scope for innovation in the line of vision.

QDegrees has projected a brand image that would serve full-fledged innovation and diversification in all aspects of its operations. From being delivery champions, and solution providers & to helping firms pioneer, now the organization is all set to co-create & jointly innovate with clients aiming to scale businesses.