From Singing at Local Festivals to Releasing Music within the Label: Krishnam Kumar Musical Journey

Krishnam earlier used to make songs on his own through just phone recording.


Mumbai : Performing in local music festival, from where Krishnam got the first inspiration to make him self a musician and set some new trends. Born in Bihar, Krishnam wants to make songs which people crave for. He says “I was into musical background since my childhood. Music and rhythms attracted me from a very starting of my life. That’s how I decided to take music the most first priority for myself” story of how Krishnam started musical life.

According Kumar he is one of the first one from his family who started singing as a profession. His first ever publicly released song Dhua Hai is the most important song for him, Krishnam says. Krishnam earlier used to make songs on his own through just phone recording. But the artist’s amazing talent and crave for uniqueness gifted him support of various music labels.Krishnan Kumar’s song Dhua Hai is released in collaboration with the Firstly Today Musical Label.

“Dhua Hai” song was released recently on every music platforms, it was made in collaboration of Krishnam Kumar X AG Frank. Krishnam says, “I really tried to made the song a kind of which people get lost with their feelings when listening to it”. Kumar blended the traditional sensational music style with latest trends in the song Dhua Hai.

Unlike other youths, Krishnam feels so much loved to be connected with nature. In addition,Kumar likes to travel a lot to get new ideas for creating music. Krishnan says “I like to deeply feel nature and listen to the natural sounds to develop the same form r my music videos”. Being an aesthetic kind of singer is he wants to be to influence current generation of song lovers. As per Firstly Today, Krishnam Kumar says he prefers his own style and music preferences while writing for a song. “I always the prioritize the importance of digital form of instruments”.

I widely use it while making beats for my song”. “As a beginner singer it was the best tool for meto make songs” says Krishnam Kumar. He made the song Dhua Hai with the help of the availability of abundant digital music tools.