For his Doctor’s Life film, director Lomharsh recorded Doctor’s Anthem

The recording was done at Yashraj Studios in Mumbai at Audio and Post Wing


Mumbai : Since the advent of the AI era, computer-generated sounds have largely replaced the use of live musicians in the creation of music. The big recording process, where numerous musicians record in one location, is seldom used in cinema. It’s difficult since it calls for a huge number of musicians to be recorded at once and for the studio to accommodate them.

Lomharsh, an Indo-Australian director, has just finished the live recording of the Doctor’s Anthem, with 50+ musicians and a chorus team of singers, for his future feature film centred on the life of a doctor. Lomharsh, whose credits include Yeh Hai India, Chicken Biryani 1 & 2, and the Mintoo Web series, is developing a film on the difficulties faced by medical professionals. Doctors, long hailed as godlike, are now the targets of popular scorn and anger because they are seen as profiteers who put money before of patients’ lives.

Manager Lomharsh You’ve been asked a very straightforward question: “Do we need such Demons in society who have the power to fight to save lives?” whether doctors are the new devils. Like a coin with two faces, every tale and every circumstance has two sides. There’s a tale to be told from both perspectives.

A Man in a White Coat, written by Lomharsh, is the inspiration for this film. The novel has been recognised with five literary prizes, the most recent being the Sahityakosh Samaan.  The film will chronicle the life of a doctor, drawing inspiration from the experiences of Dr. Sunil Garssa and other medical professionals.

Doctor’s Anthem was recorded by a group of fifty or more musicians at YashRaj Studios’ Audio and Post wing in Mumbai. Such Symphony Recording sessions are commonplace in Hollywood for feature films. Rarely in India do so many musicians come together in one place on the same day to play an anthem song.

The Indo-Australian director Lomharsh has prepared the script for his next film, A Man with White Coat, which he will shortly begin filming.

Lomharsh is known for his socially responsible cinema-making, and he always talks about the betterment of the Nation and its citizens through his Cinema.

His Film Yeh Hai India has won him Best Director and Best Movie Awards at the prestigious FOG film festival in the USA, and he also won the Radio Mirchi Music Award 2020 for ‘Dhola Song’ from his feature film ‘Yeh Hai India’. His latest release was ‘MINTOO’, a Web series based on women empowerment – it tells the story of a girl who wants to achieve success in life, but who so ever she trusts in this journey is the devil of her life in later events. Mintoo Was released Internationally on Prime Videos US, US, Germany and Japan.