Ex Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga launches Surat 20-20 cricket tourney

Organised by Sportonics at CB Patel Ground, the tournament will see 24 matches between ten teams of corporate titans.

Surat : Sportonics has organised the Surat 20-20 Cup cricket event, presented by Mehta Wealth, in Surat, the commercial capital of Gujarat, to boost the networking between the city’s corporate community. At the CB Patel Stadium on Thursday, former Sri Lanka cricket captain Arjuna Ranatunga kicked off the event, which was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fit India programme.

The Directors of Sportonix, Hameer Desai, Karan Gujarati, Vineet Bansal, and Vijay Chhera, shared that the tournament’s goal is to bring together the city’s most influential businesspeople in an informal atmosphere where they may forge new connections and partnerships.

A total of ten of Surat’s most prominent businessmen have entered teams in the competition. There are 15 players in all, and all but one are over the age of 30 for each side. Tournament play will last 12 days and 24 total games. According to the report, Sri Lanka’s World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga opened the competition today at the CB Patel Stadium.

YouTube is hosting live broadcasts of all 24 tournament games. Fans of the sport can bring their families to the stadium to enjoy the action.

In this competition, you’ll find the Steamhouse Legends, the Anupam Warriors, the Golden JD Titans, the Ethereal Stars, the CAS X Indians, the White Wolves, the Regal Royals, the Mannat Fighters, the Parin Panthers, and the Blue Warriors, among the other ten teams.