Digipaaji.com revolutionising digital marketing worldwide

Content, Creativity, Curation, and Collaboration are the four pillars around which digipaaji.com is built


New Delhi: The digital marketing industry is undergoing a radical transformation thanks to Digipaaji.com, a worldwide integrated digital marketing firm. It has simplified and improved the process by delivering digital media solutions from beginning to finish. The founders’ track record of delivering successful digital business roadmaps and strategies for major brands like The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones in India has given them a leg up on the competition. They have launched digital goods and mobile applications while managing P&L and implementing several income streams. They have also created and released fintech solutions and online payment systems for businesses and consumers.

Content, Creativity, Curation, and Collaboration are the four pillars around which digipaaji.com is built. Digipaaji.com’s co-founder, Mr. Kamlesh Dixit, states, “We constantly strive for personalised content, avant-garde creativity, curated audience segmentation, and collaborative communication strategy with all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.”

Hitesh Mapara and Kamlesh Dixit, the firm’s founding partners, are both highly experienced business executives who have provided advice services to companies in a wide variety of industries and fields.

They have extensive experience in leading award-winning HRTech, MarTech, and other digital initiatives in the Indian, American, European, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian markets.

Digipaaji is a digital omnichannel solutions organisation featuring personalised content, screen agnostic creative, targeted spending, and managed re-targeting solutions’, stated Mr. Hitesh Mapara, the company’s founder and CEO.

Client partner Karan Cholera said, “While creativity is key in digital advertising, it must be backed by a deep understanding of your target audience and their behaviour online.”

Digipaaji.com provides a comprehensive digital strategy that encompasses a range of services, including Performance Marketing, Brand Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management, and Email Marketing. The agency additionally curates Google and Display ads (PPC), Facebook and Instagram ads, Graphics and Videos, and other services to offer a 360-degree digital solution for their clients.

It is currently striving to expand its reach in the American and European markets by hiring suitable talent in business and delivery. It aims to cater to the digital needs of clients globally, hailing from a diverse range of industries such as E-comm, Real Estate, Automotive, FMCG, BFSI, Retail, Travel, and Hospitality, in regions like the USA, the Middle East, UK, and Canada.

Digipaaji.com’s marketing expertise, creative talent, and data-driven solutions turn visionary ideas into extraordinary brand and ROI experiences, propelling businesses beyond their competition. The agency aims to continue driving the digital marketing revolution by offering innovative and effective solutions to its global clientele.