Co-living apartments emerges as the latest trend in 2023

Experts predict 2023 will be a difficult year in the housing market in India


New Delhi : The greatest centre of creativity is a bustling metropolis like Mumbai. Coworking and coliving spaces are the newest addition to this type of housing. The vast majority of analysts expect the real estate market will eventually thrive. Despite this, the year will be difficult due to the development of novel trends. Shravan Gupta believes now is the moment to take advantage of this trend by developing innovative co-living spaces.

The real estate market has undergone tremendous shifts recently. Experts predict that 2023 will be a difficult year in the housing market. Shravan Gupta forecasts a 15% rise in the demand for homes. The housing market has expanded rapidly since 2023, and this trend is expected to continue.

In major urban centres like Mumbai and Delhi, a new pattern is emerging. This pattern is only starting to emerge, and it’s expected to last through the year’s conclusion. Several obvious causes can be attributed to this shift. This allows us to classify some of them:

– Investment angle.

– Change in concept.

– Co-living culture.

There has been a gradual rise in the popularity of the shared-space model of living and working. The shifting values of today’s youngsters are to blame. The pandemic and the rise of the remote work culture are two causes of this shift. It is Shravan Gupta’s prediction that this will be the year’s most prominent fashion trend. India is just getting used to the idea of shared office and living spaces. But now even local construction companies are capitalising on the rising popularity of the shared-living arrangement. Co-living spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world as a means of increasing productivity. Having a place to stay and a place to work in the same building is what is meant by “co-living and working space.” The widespread use of shared living and working environments has many advantages.

  • Enhanced working hours- Since there is no hassle of travelling. A person can work for long hours without worrying about going back home. This trend is beneficial for both companies and employers. Builders like Shravan Gupta are capping into this trend and making new homes.
  • Sustainable design- When it comes to design, nothing beats co-living and working space. Shravan Gupta says co-working and living space is ideal for professionals who want to live with a group of similar mindsets. Such housing schemes give large spaces with a practical design. It is also well equipped with various facilities like a house gym, garden and clubhouse.

– Prime location- The best-selling feature of co-living and working space is its location. It is usually located in prime areas like business districts and city centers. This location makes it accessible to business professionals who wish to travel a little distance for work. It seems this makes co-living and working spaces the best and most viable options.

– Exclusive designs- Most co-living housing comes with a customized design. These designs have a universal appeal to business clients and corporate houses. Shravan Gupta believes the universal appeal of co-living apartments lies in their designs.