CALM releases his first single ‘DUBS’ music album

"DUBS" is a high-energy example of CALM's distinctive style


Antwerp : The much anticipated album from Belgium’s CALM has finally been confirmed, and it’s coming out later this year. As a taster for his fans, he has made the first single, “DUBS,” available on his YouTube channel and all music streaming sites.

With a mashup of cyberculture, rage hip-hop, cloud rap, and R&B, “DUBS” is a high-energy example of CALM’s distinctive style. A powerful anthem about facing adversity head-on and becoming the best version of yourself, “I Got This” is an inspirational tune.

CALM started up listening to classical pop and electronic dance music in India, but now he’s more into rap and R&B in Belgium. His background as a foreigner in a strange land, along with his expanding musical education, has given him a distinctive voice.

Not only does music have a calming effect. In addition to music, his fashion, art, and way of life all have significant influences on his work. As a producer, he can do whatever he wants, and that independence shines through on “DUBS” and his next singles.

The new album from CALM is a stunningly presented journal of his life as told via ten resonant songs. As CALM continues to explore new musical territory, his fans have much more to look forward to from him sonically.

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