Gujarati Family Film “My Best Friend Daadu” Shines at 77th Cannes Film Festival

"My Best Friend Daadu" gets a special Promote at the Cannes Film Festival!


MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA : The heartwarming Gujarati film “My Best Friend Daadu” has made a prestigious appearance at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, held in Cannes, France, from May 14 to 22, 2024. This family drama, produced by Gangani Motion Picture, highlights the evolving dynamics within Indian families and has received significant recognition on an international platform.

The film “My Best Friend Daadu” by Gangani Motion Picture has received the honor of a special market screening at the renowned Cannes Film Festival. Since its inception in 1952, the Cannes Film Festival has been a hallmark of cinematic excellence. This year marks the 77th iteration of the festival, making the inclusion of this Gujarati film a significant milestone.

The credit for bringing “My Best Friend Daadu” to Cannes goes to the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) President Abhay Singh and Vice President Atul P. Patel. For the first time, IMPPA has partnered with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to showcase Indian cinema at the India Pavilion at Cannes. This collaboration aims to highlight the diverse storytelling and rich cultural heritage of Indian films on an international stage.

The inspiration for showcasing this Gujarati family drama at Cannes came from executive producer Raj Gangani, brother of the film’s writer-director-producer, Jashwant Gangani. Raj Gangani expressed the importance of promoting their mother tongue film abroad, emphasizing the need for global recognition of regional cinema.

Jashwant Gangani highlighted the invaluable contributions of Ashvin Borad and Jenish Talaviya, who played pivotal roles in digital marketing and bringing the film to the attention of IMPPA and Cannes. The entire film was shot in Surat, adding to the pride of the local community. Gangani remarked, “The subject of this film is the main reason for its selection at Cannes.”

Gujarati Family Film "My Best Friend Daadu" Shines at 77th Cannes Film Festival
Jashwant Gangani, film’s writer-director-producer


The story of “My Best Friend Daadu” addresses the impact of modern-day parental competition on children’s lives. It narrates the poignant tale of a child who, feeling deprived of his grandparents’ love due to his parents’ busy lives, embarks on a journey to find them. This touching narrative struck a chord with the Cannes selection committee, earning the film its place at the festival.

Cast & crew of this film
Actors: Umang Acharya, Urvashi Harsora, Prashant Barot,Jitendra Thakkar, Salil Upadhyay, Vishal Thakkar (Child Artist), Seema Pandey, Aditi Desai, Preeti Thakkar, Prashant Trivedi, Rajeev Panchal Akankshi Marfatiya, Payal Borisagar, Radhi Shukla, Paresh Rathod.
Writer-Director-Producer: Jashwant Gangani, Executive Producer: Raj Gangani, S. Kumar Bhaggat (Cinematography), Surjit Singh (Music), Jagdish Sutaria (Still Photographyt), Hemraj Baraiya (Production Controller), Jagdish Goyani and Gagaji Rathore (Production Supervisors), Ashvin Borad and Jenish Talaviya (Digital Marketing).

The film, released in January 2023, features an ensemble cast including Umang Acharya, Urvashi Harsora, and child artist Vishal Thakkar, among others. The meticulous craftsmanship of the crew, with Raj Gangani as executive producer, S. Kumar Bhaggat handling cinematography, and Surjit Singh providing the music, contributed to the film’s success.

Jashwant Gangani’s journey from a humble background in Habukwad village to becoming a celebrated filmmaker is inspirational. Despite starting work at a young age of 11 years in the diamond industry, his passion for the arts never waned. He gave his first superhit Gujarati film at the age of 26 years and it was no looking back since then. With over 35 films and 400 songs to his credit, Gangani’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Academy Award.

“The entire shooting of this film was done in Surat, and many local actors have also acted in this film. I dream that the film will get a National Award,” Gangani shared with The Blunt Times (TBT).

As the Cannes Film Festival progresses, the promotion of “My Best Friend Daadu” in the stalls of IMPPA from May 14 to May 22, 2024, underscores the film’s universal appeal and the growing recognition of Gujarati cinema on the global stage.