Broadvision World School offers the best opportunities in a world-class learning environment

New Delhi (India) : A lot of things, including technology and teaching methods, have changed in education in recent decades. Schools should be modernised to provide students with state-of-the-art classrooms and other amenities in line with today’s standards.

Broadvision World School equips its students with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge educational technology to help them learn about the modern world and develop skills for a brighter future.

The faculty and staff at Broadvision World School are committed to instilling in their students a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

Students learn how to use their imagination and originality to create a better world by embracing environmental consciousness and social responsibility. They provide an encouraging classroom setting where students can develop to their full potential.

The teachers are trained and the staff strives to ensure students’ development by teaching them important life skills through the Academic and Beyond Academics programs.

The children are taught values that foster a welcoming environment of cooperation and collaboration in order to sustain community values and a safe, loving, and supportive environment for children of all ages.

The school strives to create best-in-class instructors who can utilize modern learning techniques, therefore stimulating children’s intellectual, cultural, spiritual, physical, and holistic growth that helps in underlining the need of recognising the child’s individual mind and mental process.


The students have top-notch facilities that include Academics, sports, fine arts, communication, and co-curricular activities, making a student’s learning journey interesting and knowledgeable. They are encouraged to develop multidimensional skill sets by following the learning principles of exploring, Engaging, and Learning (Experiential).


To attain the aforementioned goals The Broadvision World School has built a top-class infrastructure on a 2-acre campus in the center of Hennur township, with D-Mart as a landmark. It is easily accessible to parents/students in the area who want to walk or those who want to use the drop services on two and four-wheelers. The school building has Administrative and Learning rooms, as well as enough space for Co-Scholastic activities.


Broadvision Principal Nandini D says, “Teaching is a very noble profession, we have the future of students in our hands and it is very important for a teacher to keep themselves upgraded so that it can be ensured that the child is ready for the future. We as a school make sure that the child has essential core values of self-discipline, social and emotional intelligence, and respect for other cultures and backgrounds which becomes part of their lives in an ever-changing and shrinking world.”


The Skoodos Co-founder Mrs. Shruti Verma says, “Not every school understands the importance of keeping a child near the newest technologies and giving them the best of knowledge methodologies. Broadvision school believes in inculcating not only values in a child but recent technological and methodological knowledge. It gives a child a problem-solving attitude and all set for a future world.”