If your kids don’t already know it, school can be enjoyable for them

A child's first school is like a cornerstone: it's not glamorous, but it's crucial.


New Delhi (India): When does your kid start school?

A child’s first school is like a cornerstone: it’s not glamorous, but it’s crucial.

A kid needs a school that believes in the future and is willing to try new things in the classroom if they want to succeed in the long run. The mission of Tara Pre-School is to provide the highest quality early childhood education possible.

To foster original thinkers rather than mindless followers, Tara Pre-School provides a stimulating learning environment and a curriculum tailored to stimulate students’ imaginations. They use a novel approach to education called experiential teaching, which places an emphasis on making sure each child learns by doing rather than memorising.

The school prides itself in providing its students with classes that they can fall in love with because they teach by creating a fun environment that has numerous activities to ensure a child is having fun.

These activities also make sure that the child learns and develops their cognitive skills and social skills, making sure that children develop their confidence by speaking in front of their colleagues and classmates and giving them a confident start for their future.

The Principal of Tara PreSchool, Sajna Hammid says, “We have prepared our students for the practical world, making them understand and develop their skills instead of just cramming the knowledge, our target is to make them better citizens and model students in the future. We believe in making our students efficient for any challenges that they may face in the future and only a school with innovative learning methods can help them with this. We even train our teachers to make them efficient in dealing with children and providing them with the best learning methods.”

Skoodos co-founder Mrs. Shruti Verma says, “It is quite refreshing to see a school so dedicated to curating the best future for kids, the kids enjoy their time and learn while having fun. This is very important, children used to associate studying with force and did it against their will but now the new generation will associate studies with fun and passion and this has been made possible by schools like Tara PreSchool”