At Taywade public school, quality education is a priority


New Delhi (India): When it comes to priorities, Taywade Public School is one of those establishments that prioritises education over profit. Rather than focusing on educating the next generation’s leaders and influencers, which is their primary responsibility, most schools today are more concerned with turning a profit.

Instilling students with strong moral principles that will make them valuable citizens is a primary goal of education. Children from rural areas have a great advocate in Taywade school, which is doing remarkable work to improve their education. Their goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills they’ll need to tackle any challenge they encounter in life.

The school is affiliated with two boards, CBSE and Maharashtra State board. The students are provided with facilities like well-equipped laboratories, great infrastructure, a library, exceptionally trained teachers, and an environment that encourages creativity and curiosity. Children are acquainted with both academic and extracurricular activities that help in their all-around development of the child.

Every year teachers are provided with training programs to keep them updated with the latest methodologies and teaching ideas so that the students are up-to-date with the latest developments. And the teachers focus on instilling values like teamwork, leadership, tolerance towards diversity, and much more. These values help a child when they step outside the walls of the school and into the real world. The school focuses on the overall development of a child including physical and mental aspects along with providing them with a problem-solving attitude.

Mrs. Prerna Jha, the School Principal of Taywade public school, says, “We believe that education is teaching how to overcome the practical life problems in real life instead of just memorizing the theorems and facts. We teach our students through experiential methods that prepare them for real-life problems. The teachers try to take the studies outside the classroom and teach through live examples to enhance understanding and knowledge of students.”

Skoodos Co-founder, Mrs. Shruti Verma is impressed by the zeal of this school to help children from rural backgrounds, she says, “Education nowadays has become a medium of business but it feels great to see schools who are still dedicated to teaching for the sake of imparting education and building up an asset for the country.”