Be it theatre, television or OTT, Salman Khan is a superstar on all platforms

From big screen to television, and now to OTT, Salman Khan is a superstar who rules every entertainment platform.


Mumbai : The Sultan of Bollywood i.e. Salman Khan is one such superstar of the industry who has always grabbed the attention of the audience. There is no comparison to his charm and his aura. Iconic as a big screen legend, the superstar has ruled television and OTT as well with his superhit show, Bigg Boss.

After 16 superhit seasons, Bigg Boss forays into the OTT space with Bigg Boss OTT 2, which is indeed the most watched reality show and Salman Khan is one of the major reasons for its stupendous success.

Salman Khan’s blockbuster movies always create records at the box office. He is one such superstar who always gives complete entertainment movies to the audience which is loved by the audience across all age groups and this is what makes him a true superstar.

He is one such superstar who has been ruling the big screen for more than 2 decades and he is preparing for the future as well. Superstar Salman Khan is a force to be reckoned with on the big screen as well as on television.

With shows like 10 Ka Dum, he brought a completely new concept to television and became a household name. Also, with Bigg Boss, Salman Khan has firmly established his presence as the most loved host of the show.

After hosting it continuously for more than 12 years, Salman Khan has become the irreplaceable face of Bigg Boss. He has created a good rapport with the contestants as well as the audience.

With Bigg Boss coming to OTT, Salman Khan became the star of this new generation streaming platform. Winning immense love and appreciation from the viewers, the show recently entered its second season of the OTT version and has been witnessing a steady rise in viewership during this time. It is truly proved that be it any entertainment platform, once Salman Khan steps in, it is only Salman who rules. Indeed, from the big screen to the small screen, he is a superstar across all platforms.