Adhyyan School and Uttar Pradesh Bharat Scout Guide Association Host Scout & Guide Camp

Over 500 students attended the camp, making it a resounding success.


New Delhi : The Adhyyan School is a top CBSE institution in Meerut, and they recently collaborated with the Uttar Pradesh Bharat Scout Guide Association to host a four-day Scout and Guide camp. The school took great pride in hosting the first ever government-sponsored camp on its grounds.

Over 500 students attended the camp, making it a resounding success. To accommodate the large number of campers, it was split into two sessions. Mr. Somendra Tomar ji, the camp’s director and the District Coordinator, taught the kids how to deal with danger and keep themselves safe.

The principal praised the students’ efforts at the Scouts and Guides camp and emphasised the value of self-control, kindness to others, moral rectitude, and dedication to one’s work.

The students created stunning tents from scratch, discovered the joys of cooking without fire, and went on exciting adventures during the camp. They were instructed on the norms, goals, and significance of contributing as contributing citizens of the country.

During the Scout and Guide camp, the Adhyyan School’s dedication to academic excellence, discipline, and community service shone through. It was a manifestation of the school’s mission to foster the growth of emotionally and socially mature, academically capable people.

The Adhyyan School is the best CBSE school in Meerut because it encourages students to develop their unique skills and interests. One such programme that encouraged risk-taking, leadership, and collaboration among students was the Scout and Guide camp.

Certificates were presented to each participant at the end of the programme, making it an experience to remember. The Adhyyan School is known for its dedication to academic excellence and the all-around growth of its students, and such efforts show no sign of slowing down.

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