A.C. Patil College of Engineering secures 57th rank in top 170 engineering institutes ranking 2023

Recent national rankings suggest that A.C. Patil College of Engineering has risen to become one of the best in the country.


New Delhi : A.C. Patil College of Engineering, located in Navi Mumbai, has achieved remarkable milestones in the Times All India Engineering Institutes Ranking Survey 2023. The college is justifiably proud of its excellent rankings, which reflect the institution’s dedication to academic prowess, technological advancement, and the tireless quest of knowledge. At A.C. Patil, the idea that “Everything + Imagination” can do anything rings true, encouraging pupils to think beyond the box and cultivating an environment where their creativity may flourish.

The university expresses its deepest gratitude to everyone who has played a role in this incredible achievement. A.C. Patil College of Engineering hopes to continue inspiring, innovating, and reinventing engineering education by inviting parents and students to embark on an incredible journey.

Recent national rankings suggest that A.C. Patil College of Engineering has risen to become one of the best in the country. The college’s 57th place finish in the Top 170 Engineering Institute Ranking 2023 demonstrates its dedication to excellence in teaching. Further establishing its status as a premier private college, it placed 54th in the Top 125 Private Engineering Institute Ranking 2023. The university’s research talents were recognised by its ranking as the 28th best institute in the country. In addition, the Western Region-Wide Ranking placed it at #17 thanks to its remarkable performance. The college’s success in the rankings is evidence of its commitment to excellence in education.

The faculty and staff of A.C. Patil College of Engineering are dedicated to maintaining that tradition of excellence. The faculty is comprised of renowned academics, professionals in the field, and researchers, guaranteeing the delivery of in-depth instruction to mould the engineers of tomorrow. The institution has cutting-edge buildings, labs, and study materials that foster growth in all areas of one’s personality and character. When it comes to preparing his pupils for success in the professional world, A.C. Patil gives equal weight to both academic understanding and hands-on experience.

The college’s ideology centers around embracing limitless possibilities. A.C. Patil College of Engineering encourages students to surpass conventional boundaries and nurtures their creativity. By combining “Everything + Imagination,” the college empowers students to explore new avenues, embrace innovation, and make a positive impact on society. It provides a platform for students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and the entrepreneurial mindset required to succeed in today’s dynamic world.

The remarkable achievements in the rankings owe credit to the collective efforts of the students, faculty, staff, and parents associated with A.C. Patil College of Engineering. The college extends its heartfelt congratulations to all stakeholders who have contributed to this success. Moving forward, A.C. Patil remains dedicated to inspiring, innovating, and redefining engineering education. By fostering a supportive and nurturing environment, the college aims to instill a passion for learning, foster leadership qualities, and prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

For parents and students seeking a college that values excellence, nurtures imagination and offers a transformative educational experience, A.C. Patil College of Engineering is the ideal choice. The college invites interested individuals to join them on this extraordinary journey where imagination knows no limits. To learn more about admissions and the comprehensive offerings, please call +91 98203 28271. A.C. Patil College of Engineering eagerly looks forward to welcoming students to a world where aspirations can turn into reality.