1 Click Capital to provide payroll financing in four major metro cities in India

After establishing a foothold in Mumbai, the company expanded its reach to other major cities across the country

New Delhi : 1 Click Capital, the country’s first fintech to focus on payroll financing, has expanded to India’s four most populous cities, including Mumbai, the National Capital Region (NCR), Bangalore, and Pune. After establishing a foothold in Mumbai, the company expanded its reach to other major cities across the country.

Mr. Harit Sindhu pioneered the unsecured payroll financing industry in India by establishing 1 Click Capital, the first non-bank financial company (NBFC) in a lending market worth over a trillion rupees. The motivation behind the creation of 1 Click Capital was a wish to cause a stir in the financial industry by challenging long-held beliefs about how payroll financing should be handled in the United States.

The definition of Payroll Financing.

With payroll financing, firms can get a line of credit to cover their payroll obligations, a revolutionary product.It’s a form of credit that helps companies receive the money they need to make regular payroll deposits on schedule.

At the beginning of 2022, when the nation was still recovering from a pandemic, 1 Click Payroll Financing was a godsend. Paying employees on time became increasingly important for businesses as companies struggled to maintain a steady flow of cash. Payroll was a major problem for many businesses, both large and small, and it was preventing them from meeting their deadlines. Due to inability to meet payroll, many businesses failed, while others had to lay off personnel.

Payroll financing was the answer to stabilizing cash flow while running timely payrolls. Companies from all major cities have experienced a quick turnaround when approached for payroll financing, as 1 Click Capital claims a 48-hour turnaround for disbursals. Their policy includes zero registration fees and a low return on investment. 1 Click Capitals boasts of being a 360-degree digital service where clients, no matter where they are in the country, can get an unsecured payroll loan online without ever having to visit the office physically. All the processes are done digitally in a secure manner. Many clients like the fact that they had to put in minimal documentation, unlike other traditional loans.

Companies that have benefited from 1 Click Payroll Financing have noticed a change in employee morale as they are now able to pay their employees on time, in turn increasing their productivity. This has also led to employee retention, where once tensions were high as employee attrition was a common problem.

Harit Sindhu feels proud of launching a company that not only breaks new ground but also plays a part in helping companies retain their employees and succeed in their journeys. 1 Click Capital aims to cover more cities in the coming future, eventually going global.

To know more about 1 Click Capital, please visit: www.1clickcapital.com