Rajkot to host “GAU TECH – 2023” for Cow based industries from May 24-28

Cow Based Industries, an initiative of "Global Confederation of Cow Based Industries" (GCCI)


Rajkot : “GAU TECH 2023″ – A Global Cow based investment summit & expo has been planned from 24th to 28th May 2023 at Race course Ground, Rajkot to promote Cow Based Industries, an initiative of “Global Confederation of Cow Based Industries” (GCCI) with the sacred aim of realising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of “Glorious India”. Industrialization and human use of cow products can ensure global environmental friendliness and progress.

Dr. Vallabbhai Kathiria, founder GCCI, said at the press conference that Gau Tech 2023 is for Startups, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Industries to recruit new entrepreneurs and investors in Cow-based Industries. Indian and international entrepreneurs will discuss their inventions, difficulties, and ideas at the exhibition. Evening cow-related cultural programmes have been held alongside cow-based industry seminars.

Dr. Kathiria explained that by using contemporary cow breeding technology to produce the greatest bulls, firms have formed on the PPP model with government support, producing sexed semen technology, embryo transplant, semen laboratories, etc. A2 milk from indigenous cows is sold worldwide for butter, ghee, buttermilk, and therapeutic ghee. Cow pee and dung biopesticides and biofertilizers for organic farming.

Medicines, repellents and sanitizers for clean environment and various household cosmetic, cow urine and dung products have created entrepreneurship opportunities with employment for women and youth. Various government schemes are in place from cottage industry to medium and large scale production capacity plants.

Cow-dung can provide a large market for dung paint, plaster, bricks, tiles, paper and Gau Kastha as a substitute for cremation wood. Biofuels like biogas, CNG, CO2, hydrogen are being produced from dung, cow urine and supplied to factories. Government’s buyback plan is also in effect. Similarly, “Cow Hostels” have been started on a large scale by NGOs or cooperatives, to support the concept of ‘a cow in every house’ and earning through professional services. There are lot of opportunities for large-scale machinery manufacturing units for cow-based industries.

Panchagavya derived from cow based products is the best Ayurvedic medicine. Cow is a moving pharmacy. We can achieve new heights in Ayurveda by connecting all the Ministries with the development of the Ayurveda sector. Various ayurvedic pharma companies are requested to come forward for manufacturing veterinary ayurvedic medicine for animals. The current “Natural Farming” campaign will be accelerated by this EXPO. The expo will help farmers getting richer and society becoming healthier.

Addressing the press, Shri Hansraj Gajera, chairmen Laghu Udhyog Bharti, added that, this will be a platform for MSME industry and marketing. The Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Skill Development, Ministry of Forest and Environment, Ministry of Women Welfare etc. have their own schemes, which youth and women entrepreneurs should take advantage of by joining cow husbandry and cow based industries.

GCCI General Secretary Pureesh Kumar informed that various schemes are being implemented by all the central and state governments. Detailed information about government grants, loans, subsidies, and promotional schemes by various departments of the Government of India and state governments on various topics like our country cow, cow service, cow conservation, cow husbandry, cow breeding, cow production, cow energy, cow tourism, organic farming will be provided at the Expo. He told StartUps and Youths will be informed about how to earn revenue of crores by Cow based entrepreneurship. This event will be Game changer for Cow based Entrepreneurship globally.

Shri Mittal Khetani told the media that the Cow urine and dung is available in cowshed as raw material, which can be used for industrial purposes. Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi’s vision of Clean India, Healthy India, Green India, Digital India and Make in India will be accelerated, gaushalas will become self-reliant, youth and women will get employment.

Through digital marketing outlets, earnings can be made through export-import, protecting the environment. There are huge opportunities for such multiple new industries to help strengthen the cow-based economy. Realizing “Gau Raksha” in true sense by joining government and society will make India rich and prosperous. These projects will prove to be a powerful means to take the country’s economy to 5 Trillion dollar and promote green economy module. Through G2B, B2B, and investors opportunities for interactive connectivity will be available to small cow farmers, gaushalas and panjrapoles.

Ganesh Thummer added that Rajkot is a hub of small scale industries. Many machinery for cow based industries are manufactured here. New entrepreneurs will come forward, thus creating huge opportunities for cow based MSME machinery. Cow means not only milk but urine and dung as a means of cow based industry, GDP can be enhanced. Cow includes cow family with calves – heifers, bulls, old cows. They will give cow dung – cow urine for their full life. Encouraging cow urine-dung industries will solve the problem of stray cattle. Road accidents will stop. Panjrapol will prosper. Thus the concept of “Gau Seva” of Indian culture will come to fruition.

Ex DG Lions international Shri Ramesh Ghetia summarised that More than 400 stalls and various pavilions, besides space for product display and exhibition will be there in this expo. Companies, various industries, NGOs, social organizations and government sectors will provide information about their products and services to the people. AC domes will be arranged. In this exhibition, the stall holders will also get a subsidy from MSME department. Visitors and farmers not only of Gujarat but from all over India will visit this expo. A team of GCCI is working with entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and technocrats who could come. The event is being managed by Adex Events and Exhibitions as a consultant. Media promotion is being done by Adex Media Links. All men, youth, women, scientists, industrialists, social workers and religious people are humbly requested to participate, co-operate and contribute in this “Expo” whole heartedly.