Yatender Rao on Chandrayaan 3’s Role in Global Space Research Collaboration

In reaction to Chandrayaan-3's achievement, Yatender Rao, a renowned BJP youth leader, expressed his joy and pleasure


New Delhi: The Chandrayaan-3 Moon Mission marks a significant milestone in India’s space exploration adventure, establishing the country as a worldwide leader in this sector. This accomplishment is a source of great pride for every Indian. Chandrayaan-3 represents a substantial advancement in our knowledge of the Moon’s southern polar region. The mission will include a lander and a rover that will conduct critical scientific experiments and study.

In reaction to Chandrayaan-3’s achievement, Yatender Rao, a renowned BJP youth leader, expressed his joy and pleasure, saying, “The realisation of a dream cherished by millions of Indians has materialised.” This is a proud time for all of us; millions of Indians have seen the forging of history. Chandrayaan 3 promotes international space exploration partnership. I’d want to use this occasion to express my deepest gratitude to our amazing scientists, who never wavered in their belief and spent 1446 days to making our vision a reality. Their unflinching dedication, even if it meant going without sleep for 48 hours, bore fruit. Chandrayaan represents India’s pride. I also want to thank the government for its consistent support. India has accomplished an unprecedented accomplishment as the first country to step foot on the lunar surface near the south pole. My arrogance has no boundaries. “Hail to India.”

Yatender Rao’s focus to enhancing the welfare of youth and generating revolutionary change demonstrates his commitment to serve the country. Through his NGO, the Jaihind Jansewa Foundation, he has received recognition for his work in empowering youth, promoting economic opportunities, developing equality in society, and campaigning for educational reforms. His incisive remarks on issues affecting young people, such as unemployment, educational opportunities, and social inequities, have struck a chord with young people throughout the country.

When asked to send a message to the nation’s young, he said, “Our nation’s youth are our guiding light, capable of turning the seemingly impossible into reality.” The foundation of our society is based on empowering the next generation, but we must be cautious against the dangers of disinformation. It is our obligation as political leaders to deliver accurate information and balanced evaluations of complex circumstances. While cultivating a healthy scepticism is admirable, the spread of lies and deception might impair their capacity to make educated decisions.”

Yatender Rao’s rise through the ranks of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s youth wing, BJYM, has been rapid and significant. He has served as State Vice President, State Executive Member, and State Head of the Study Circle Committee, among other positions of leadership. He now plays an important position in Haryana’s mainstream BJP. His impact on the young is significant, pushing them to actively participate in public events and constructively contribute to society. His emphasis on initiatives that directly address the needs of young people has the potential to profoundly influence their lives.

“The administration in Haryana, led by the BJP, has demonstrated extraordinary dedication,” he said. The motorway project’s quick pace demonstrates this devotion. Furthermore, India’s ascension to the world’s fifth-largest economy, overtaking Britain, is a huge feat. I am certain that we will continue to surpass your expectations.”