Thrill Blazers travel company wins ‘Most Trusted Brand for Adventurous Tour in India’ award

The Thrill Blazers Travel Company has become well-known for its dedication to adventure travel and its goal of providing travellers with a "one-stop shop" for all of their travel needs


Vadodara : The Vadodara-based travel agency Thrill Blazers took home the prize for “Most Trusted Brand for Adventurous Tour in India” at the “Second Annual World Signature Awards 2023” ceremony in Goa. They are the sole Gujarat based company to take home an honour at this ceremony. It’s worth noting that the adventure company has been active in the Gujarat Tourism Awards for the past three years, and that in 2021-22, they won four awards, promising to keep up the search for uncharted territory for hikers.


The Thrill Blazers Travel Company has become well-known for its dedication to adventure travel and its goal of providing travellers with a “one-stop shop” for all of their travel needs. The team’s efforts have paid off, as they have been named the winners of the “Most Trusted Brand for Adventurous Tour in India” category at the “Second Annual World Signature Awards 2023,” which took place in Goa. Thrill Blazers’ owner, Dhaivat Pandya, accepted the award and certificate from Chief Guest of Honor Soha Ali Khan.

The Thrill Blazers travel agency is well-known for its dedication to discovery and offers travellers a one-stop-shop for all of their expedition needs. The company has been gaining ground year after year, and as their name suggests, they focus on thrilling and enjoyable adventure tours. Thrill Blazers has participated in the Gujarat Tourism Awards for the past three years, and in 2021-22, the adventure company won four awards; they plan to continue their search for new trekking destinations.

Thrill Blazers Travel Company is the dream of Dhaivat Pandya, a passionate traveler and always believes in giving a memorable experience to people of all ages. A B.E. from SVIT, Dhaivat complete his schooling from Alembic Vidyalaya in Baroda. Fond of travelling he continued his passion and now runs a company Thrill Blazers specializes in adventurous tours. From a very young age at 20, he went into partnership in a travelling company and continued there for nearly three years. However some situations made him to start his own company in 2016 specially focused on exploring new challenging destinations especially in India. His first trek was Manimahesh Kailash and since then he has continued to explore beautiful new unexplored locations of India. On an average 150 plus groups are visiting different locations in India on planned tours of their choice. They are also specialized in celebrity tours; celebrities like Shraddha Dangar, Akash Pandya, Abhishek Jain also have trekked with his company. Thrill Blazers is an ISO certified travelling Adventure Company and maintaining 4.9 stars for the last three years.

His idea is to give this activity-trekking a new dimension by adding fun element into it. He believes in giving families every enjoyment during the trekking expeditions. They expertise in family tours, where they provide good food, accommodation and thrill which stays in the memories for years. They have 50,000 plus followers on social media and believe in giving anything new during every trek.

“First we explore the trek route and then take people to test their limits. We want to make their journey full of thrills”, adds Dhaivat Pandya.

They have trekking institutes at Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Laddakh, Rajasthan and Goa. The travelers at Kullu, Chandigarh and Haridwar help them organize the tours in more proper way. They have team of 50 people consists of 15 in office, 13 instructors, 20 assistants and a legal team to assist.

Their last year achievements were taking superbikers group from Surat to Leh and then again Surat to Spiti. In future they are aiming to launch their IPO in next five years.


They won Best Adventure Company in Gujarat, Best Trekking Company in Gujarat, Most Innovative Travel Company in Gujarat and Best Adventure Based Travel Company of Vadodara in 2021 -22. For the last three years Thrill Blazers is winning the Best Adventure Travel Company of Gujarat and also ATOAI registered.

They are into exploring new things and also saved lives of people in three different occasions at Bhrigu lake, Jyot and 100 people in Kedarnath.

In 2022 Thrill Blazers are the first to open the trek of Beyas Kund and Bhrigu lake. In natural calamities the team and trainers are there to help people. During lockdown they conducted theme based trips and Gujarat film industry people travelled through them.

Visited Kedarkantha at Govind Wildlife Sanctuary situated at 12,500 feet above the sea level. During Diwali, the Kedarnath temple doors are closed and the road to Kedarkantha is open for trekkers. Six youths from Vadodara followed the same route and reached the top of Kedarkantha, which is 12,500 feet above the sea level, in just three days. Dhaivat Pandya, founder of Thrill Blazers, said that the history of Kedarkantha is connected with mythology. Lord Hanuman did penance at Kedarkantha to seek forgiveness from Lord Shiva after Pandavas were involved in Brahmahatya in the Mahabharata war.