The Bombay Gourmet Market is a one-stop shop for all of your gourmet food requirements

Each and every one of the brands and products is hand-picked


Mumbai : When it comes to gourmet food, you can get everything you need at Bombay Gourmet Market. The convenience store has all sorts of gourmet treats in addition to the usual fare.

Akshay Kumar’s ultimate goal is to have one in every community. Each and every one of the brands and products is hand-picked. Popular items are replenished quickly, and the company has begun producing its own line of gourmet foods, including sauces for pasta and pizza, dips and chutneys ranging from tartare to mint, and Greek and Mexican secret sauces. You may also find seasonal treats, like the chocolate-covered strawberries that are all the rage this month.

Fresh, low-fat, and made in small batches Namkeen is our newest product line, and we expect it to attract a much larger customer base and complement our already successful dips and ready-to-eats lines.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can pick an appropriate aisle once you enter the store. From pizza flour to castor sugar, you can get all of the baking essentials you could possibly need from around the world.

Every conscientious eater has access to a plethora of delicious Vegan options, such as oat milk, snacks, mayonnaise, yoghurt, butter, and ghee.

Essentials such as A-grade Indian staples like organic grocery, cold press oils, and more can be found stocked in the well-stocked aisles. Fresh bakery breads from Sorrentina, Bakerz Dozen are sourced daily to guarantee you have the best healthy and exotic breads.

Phantom Cigarettes, Parle Poppins, Parle Rola Cola, Uncle Chips, Pallonji Sodas Raspberry, Lemon, and Many More Will Bring Back Your Nostalgia for the Good Old Days.

Instant ramen noodles are a best-seller, but Korean food as a whole, including a variety of frozen ready-to-eat korean foods and sauces, also does very well. One of the quickest moving categories is sugar chocolates.

Our cutting-edge mobile app, which will allow customers to place orders from the comfort of their own homes, will be released very soon.

In addition to its existing locations in Mumbai and Hyderabad, the Bombay Gourmet Market will soon open up shop in Goa and Indore. There are currently 8 locations in Mumbai, with 3 more scheduled to open in the near future. Bombay Gourmet intends to white label the majority of its products, spanning the ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook spectrums, giving customers access to “the best of the best fresh, small-batch products in each category of our business” said Akshay Kumar, founder.