Soccerji is building a vibrant football community of players, clubs, and coaches

Football is such a lovely game that it seems almost magical. Even in pockets of India like West Bengal and Kerala, it wasn't the most popular sport, but that's beginning to change.


Pune : Football is such a lovely game that it seems almost magical. Even in pockets of India like West Bengal and Kerala, it wasn’t the most popular sport, but that’s beginning to change. Increased interest in football in India can be attributed to the rise of the Indian Super League and other domestic leagues. Redcard Solutions, a forward-thinking startup co-founded by two football fans, is doing its part to bring the sport to a wider audience.

Soccerji is an app developed by Redcard Solutions that serves as a central hub for footballers, teams, tournament organizers, and stadium proprietors. The app’s live streaming feature has also been released, and it will broadcast major football matches on YouTube with high-quality international-standard graphics and interactive scoreboards that track player statistics.

With over 8,000 daily users and a rapidly expanding social media following of over 20,000, Soccerji is a thriving community of football stakeholders. The history behind the development of Soccerji is just as fascinating as the app’s innovative features and services.

I’ve been playing football since I was a kid, and it’s always been a huge part of my life. For football, I relocated to Pune, India, in 2015. Nonetheless, I noticed that the football subculture lacked structure. There was no way to get in touch with the teams or the coaches, or to network with other players in other areas. There was a lack of knowledge and direction about how to advance one’s football career. Consequently, I joined forces with Aum, who is also a huge football fan, to do something about it. Uditya Sisodia, Co-Founder of Redcard Solutions, said, “We spent a lot of time brainstorming the idea of creating a platform that would make it easy for football players and lovers to connect and communicate. This is what led to the launch of Soccerji in 2018.

In July of 2019, Soccerji was featured by the Startup India initiative, and the company has since flourished. Players, teams, and tournament organizers from cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, and Manipur are now using Soccerji. The GSFA Women’s Club Championship 2022 was also broadcast live on their YouTube channel thanks to their collaboration with the Gujarat State Football Association.

“We have already built a flourishing and growing community of football players, coaches, and others. We have made a good start, but we believe that we have only just started. There is a lot of untapped potential to be tapped as far as football is concerned. We have many more ideas and plans which we will be implementing soon. Our vision is very clear. We want to popularise football and make Soccerji the go-to platform for the football community to come together. We are also planning to launch globally in the coming years,” said Aum Somaiya, Co-founder of Redcard Solutions.

Some of the features of Soccerji include allowing players to request to join clubs across the country, clubs holding trials and tracking or scouting for players, and organisers to live score any match from anywhere. The scoresheet can be saved to players’ individual profiles. The app helps them present their stats using a unique radar chart. The whole career of any football player, irrespective of his age or the place he is playing, can be tracked with the app.