Sneh Asha Foundation empower humble dreams through education

It's outrageous that talented young people can't have an equal shot at success because of wealth gaps and budget constraints, which is why we need more than just scholarships to level the playing field.


Mumbai : Every kid, regardless of their family’s financial situation, should have access to a quality education in today’s world. Unfortunately, in places like India, many kids from low-income families lack even the most basic resources. Despite the widespread availability of educational opportunities, many families still struggle to pay for their children’s education. In addition, they fall behind their more wealthy peers because they lack adequate study materials, technological help, and access to experienced mentors. It’s outrageous that talented young people can’t have an equal shot at success because of wealth gaps and budget constraints, which is why we need more than just scholarships to level the playing field.

The mission of the non-profit Sneh asha Foundation is to provide educational opportunities for exceptionally bright but economically underprivileged children. Sneha ashha awards merit-based scholarships to bright students who would not otherwise get the chance to show what they’re made of.

The Foundation is the realisation of the idea of three extraordinary women who came from various walks of life but shared a commitment to helping motivated and talented students overcome financial barriers to an education. The Foundation’s primary objective is to enable students to register in the courses of their choice by providing them with financial support, mentoring, and coaching.  The organisation will work with government programmes to help students who need it get the counsel they deserve.

Education Scholarship Program

It is interesting to note, according to a report published by the Institute for Policy Research Studies (PRS), in New Delhi which revealed that ‘the percentage of students enrolled in class 10 is 77%, while the percentage of students enrolled in class 11 is just 52%. This clearly depicts the dropout rate from 10th to 11th and underscores the pressing need for scholarships in India.

Sneh asha’s mission is to prevent the dropout and inspire young children from underprivileged backgrounds through their Education Scholarship Program. This is a unique program with the primary goal of helping  students from low-income households who show exceptional academic achievements, leadership talents.

What makes the program unique is that besides promoting academic brilliance, it focuses on shaping the holistic growth of students. Besides providing financial assistance, our organization extends a more personalized guidance through educational mentoring programs, career counseling, and life skills training. Support is not the only dimension to these initiatives; it is also a matter of igniting hope and nurturing aspirations. It’s where our love and dedication comes together to ensure every kid gets a fair chance to break free of their past and reach for the stars.

Key Features of the Scholarship:

Financial Support: Sneh asha’s program includes tuition fees, books, study materials, and other associated costs, enabling parents to focus on their child’s studies without worrying about financial strain.

Merit-Based Selection: Scholarships are given based on academic achievements, involvements in extra-curricular activities, and a student’s background as proof of a holistic ability.

Mentorship and Guidance: Scholars receive guidance from established mentors who provide academic, career, and emotional support to ensure the scholar’s entire experience is truly transformational.

Since its inception on 27th March, 2023, Sneh asha Foundation has already created valuable impact. The foundation currently supports 16 full-time scholars from MCGM schools, whose talent is identified through interviews, thereby evaluating merit and need based skills. The scholarship includes comprehensive educational support, covering all fees and study materials.

Over the past months, Sneh asha’s Education Scholarship Program has contributed to many remarkable success stories. Among them is Tejasvi Chaurasia, who scored 94.60% in her boards, once endured the fear of future due to limited financial abilities, now confidently strides towards her dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer. Another inspiring story is of Gaurav Shukla, a budding talent, who is now on the path to achieving his dream of becoming an IITian. These stories are an inspiring example of how education can transform lives.

Siddhi Jaiswal, Chairman Trustee, Sneh asha foundation said “Today’s education system often leaves bright minds behind due to financial constraints. At Sneh asha Foundation, we’re changing that narrative. We believe that every deserving student, regardless of their background, should have the chance to shine. Our scholarships go beyond financial aid; they provide hope, mentorship, and a pathway to a brighter future. We invite others to join us in supporting the future of our nation and thus, creating a positive ripple effect throughout society.”

Through their Educational Scholarship Program, Sneh asha Foundation is unlocking the potential of deserving students and shaping a brighter future for all. Looking ahead, Sneh asha aims to expand its reach to more and more deserving students across different regions in India. Through this unique approach, Sneh asha is not only focused on individual assistance but also on fostering a positive ripple effect in society towards a more equitable and inclusive world.

For further information about Sneh asha Foundation and the Education Scholarship Program, or to offer your support, please visit https://Sneh