Rajkot officials land in ACB net due to corruption charges

The ACB raids in Rajkot on Thursday are part of a larger campaign on corruption in the wake of the Rajkot game zone fire


RAJKOT,GUJARAT : Rajkot, Gujarat The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has carried out raids on the properties owned by Rajkot Fire Officer B.J. Theba and Rajkot Town Planning Officer M.D. Sagathia in connection with disproportionate income and benami assets. This development resulted from an investigation conducted by the Gujarat Government’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) following the Rajkot game zone fire.

On Thursday, the ACB raided the homes of both Theba and Sagathia. The raids targeted five locations, and additional proceedings could be taken against other assets tied to the two officials.

The ACB team conducted a detailed investigation of Theba’s residence in Khodiyar Nagar. Sagathia’s home was also ransacked. According to sources, both leaders have made large investments in buildings and land near Rajkot. Sagathia apparently owns a luxurious property as well as multiple petrol outlets in the city.

Theba’s participation in corruption was already highlighted when BJP Rajya Sabha MP Ram Mokariya accused him of asking a Rs 70,000 bribe to provide a fire NOC.

The ACB’s moves on Thursday are part of a larger campaign on corruption in the wake of the Rajkot game zone fire, which drew intense scrutiny on local officials. The fire event revealed not only flaws in safety measures, but also the underlying corruption in municipal operations.

The Leader of the Opposition, Shehzad Khan Pathan, has expressed strong views on the issue, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in public service. “These investigations are critical for regaining public trust. “We cannot allow corrupt officials to jeopardize our citizens’ safety and well-being,” Pathan said.

The raids have already turned up significant proof of Theba and Sagathia’s illicit operations. According to ACB sources, Sagathia and Theba’s properties substantially surpass their recognized sources of income. The ACB is methodically reviewing financial records, property deeds, and other necessary documentation to create a strong case against the two officials.