Punjabi song ‘UpperBack’ stars Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan

Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan to Set the Stage Ablaze with 'UpperBack' – A “Be happy music” and Prince Movie Creations Production


Mumbai : Be Happy Music, an established music company, is about to release a brand new, exciting Punjabi track called “UpperBack.” Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan, two renowned musicians in the Punjabi music field, collaborated on this highly anticipated single. Fans are expecting the release of “UpperBack” with great anticipation, since the song was created by the legendary Prince Movie Creations and is sure to be a musical treat.

‘UpperBack’ is a collaboration between two artists that have made names for themselves in the Punjabi music scene: Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan. Actor and singer Gautam Gulati has won over fans with his charisma both on and off the screen. In a similar vein, Soni Dhawan has amassed a sizable following in the Punjabi music business because to her charismatic performances. In this next film, their acting and chemistry are supposed to generate magic.

The Creative Visionary, Chaudhary Atul K.

Producing ‘UpperBack’ is the visionary Chaudhary Atul K, whose love of music and commitment to his craft have earned him a household name. Chaudhary Atul K, in association with Prince Movie Creations, has an excellent eye for talent and a penchant for curating compelling projects, so you know that ‘UpperBack’ will be a masterpiece. Listeners can anticipate a genuine and heartfelt performance that will take the song to new heights.

Prince Movie Creations is lending a hand with the creation of “UpperBack,” and that’s because they’re a brilliant creative force in the filmmaking world. The production company is well-known for its dedication to creativity and pushing the frontiers of Punjabi music, as seen by its history of providing some of the most memorable music productions. The fact that ‘UpperBack’ was produced jointly by Be Happy Music and Prince Movie Creations suggests that it will soon become a standard-bearer in the Punjabi music industry.

Fans are excitedly speculating about the concept, rhythms, and chemistry of the upcoming single “UpperBack,” which features the voices of Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan. Fans are excitedly anticipating the formal announcement of the release date to mark the special day on their calendars, and the phrase “Coming Soon” has piqued their interest.

Mv1 Media: Creating a Successful Future.

Promoting a new album or single properly is crucial to its commercial success, and that’s where mv1media comes in. MV1Media has become a household brand thanks to its proficiency in entertainment sector marketing. It’s safe to assume that their involvement in advertising ‘UpperBack’ will cause excitement and anticipation among listeners.

Expectations for the upcoming Punjabi song ‘UpperBack,’ which will feature Gautam Gulati and Soni Dhawan and was produced by Prince Movie Creations, are understandably high at this point. In keeping with its reputation for championing only the best in Punjabi music, Be Happy Music has once again paired together two formidable musicians to create an electrifying listening experience.


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