Parull Khanna wins 1st runner up title at Ms. World QOTW pageant

Despite being a well-known entrepreneur, she enjoyed the process and gave her all to reach the top 2


New Delhi : Parull Khanna is a global Indian woman! After winning Ms. India, Queen of the World Pageant, she represented India on a global stage, competing for Ms. World Title on March 18th in New Jersey, USA, where she placed 1st Runner-up!

Her journey inspires many, especially women! Despite being a well-known entrepreneur, she enjoyed the process and gave her all to reach the top 2. Parull Khanna founded Studio 6 Jewels and Studio 6 Interiors, two global brands.

Look at her story and why she entered the Pageant!

She says fulfilling dreams can take you beyond the clouds. A naive 19-year-old girl who dreamed of flying high pursued an off-beat career 20 years ago, against society’s odds, and made sure she captured the world. She took another chance after Cupid struck again. It takes courage to follow your heart and make a decision. Unfortunately, the fairy tale ended in separation!

After some ups and downs, she started her interior design firm. However, where there is a will, there is a way. The gods favor the action-taker. The game changes when you remember who you are! Exactly!

Her tasteful design and glamourizing of spaces attracted the right people and good opportunities. After Covid, her mother pushed her to start in jewelry and styling. Today, Studio6 Jewels is run with her mother’s blessing. She proudly owns Studio6 Jewels and Studio6 Interiors and manages both as Managing Director with poise and clients from around the world.

She was always philanthropic. Most importantly! She continued helping cancer patients at St. Jude’s hospital and training adolescent girls for EmpowHer India. Her mission is to promote financial independence for women worldwide!

Ms. India seized the Queen of the World Pageant opportunity. She saw an opportunity to change the world and inspire other women to follow their dreams. That was her winning response to “What would she do, if she won the title tonight at the Queen of the World Pageant!”

We must support each other to succeed in life and improve the world! It’s no longer just about women, but society as a whole and how gracefully we grow and lead a life that leaves only peace and harmony for future generations!

Parull Khanna is inspiring women in India and around the world to overcome patriarchy and pursue their dreams. She believes she has miles to go, so this is the start of a new journey.