Osho Jain and Sanchi Unveil Enchanting New Song ‘Tu Jae Jahan’—A Musical Masterpiece of Love and Unity”

Sanchi's stirring vocals in "Tu Jae Jahan" transport listeners to a hypnotic world where summer nights are pleasant and love is real and dreams are enticing


Mumbai: Brilliant singer, composer, producer, and lyricist Osho Jain, who has found both beauty and inspiration in the complexity and simplicity of love, has teamed up with the equally gifted musician Sanchi to release an exquisite new song titled “Tu Jae Jahan.” This collaboration, with its touching words and entrancing melodies, vividly depicts the universe of love and support shared by two souls.

Featuring Osho Jain’s excellent work as a composer, producer, and lyricist, “Tu Jae Jahan” is a musical masterpiece. Osho’s unique delivery and lyrical skill are on full display as he expertly weaves a piece that touches listeners on a deep level. Osho has released an EP, an album, and over 15 songs, demonstrating his dedication to musical experimentation and investigation of the human experience.

Sanchi’s stirring vocals in “Tu Jae Jahan” transport listeners to a hypnotic world where summer nights are pleasant and love is real and dreams are enticing. Sanchi’s distinctive vocals complement Osho’s voice and composition in a way that is mesmerising.

The song’s hypnotic instrumental accompaniment and sincere lyrics create an atmosphere of pure feeling for the listener. Each note and phrase is chosen with intention to create an atmosphere of closeness and intimacy that will leave listeners wanting more.

Osho Jain and Sanchi have put all they have into “Tu Jae Jahan,” and the result is something quite special. Their ability to collaborate creatively produced a classic and enduring tune.

Osho explains that he and Sanchi worked together on the song by saying, “Tu Jae Jahan.” We felt a deep connection to the song after penning its first lyric. The recording sessions went quite well, and the songs all have a unique feel and flow compared to anything I’ve done before.We took a rowboat out into the ocean for the lyric video shoot. The whole thing was really insane. The video, directed by Jayesh Malani, is stunning. It’s perfect; it’s precisely as I pictured it. This is my third track with IndieA records, and the vibe has been spot on every time. I’m really excited for folks to hear this at our future gigs and start singing along!

Sanchi says, “Tu Jae Jahan is a very special song for me,” in reference to the partnership. After a year and a half of working together, my project with Osho turned out nicely. I’m dying for the public to hear it.

Listen to the song here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ3UsELrrZc