SayHey App Offers Anonymous Support and Community Connection for Mental Health

Being involved in a group has been shown to improve one's emotional and mental health, as stated by the website Head to Health.


New Delhi : One person’s ordeal has inspired a cultural shift towards greater acceptance of those with mental health problems in a culture that too frequently overlooks or stigmatises those with such problems.

Being involved in a group has been shown to improve one’s emotional and mental health, as stated by the website Head to Health. Participating in one’s community fosters a feeling of closeness and community. It has the potential to infuse regular existence with deeper meaning and significance.

SayHey, a revolutionary platform aimed at eliminating stigmas associated with mental health assistance, has officially launched today, and we couldn’t be more excited. SayHey is a safe and anonymous place where people can share their struggles, get advice, and feel supported by others.

SayHey was created due of Kaushal Modi’s doggedness and perseverance. Within the warmth of a supportive group, we break the shackles of mental health stigma by knitting together empathy, acceptance, and fortitude, as Mr. Modi put it.

With co-founder Manav Matolia, Kaushal set out to establish a place where individuals could talk about their struggles without worrying about being judged. Kaushal’s inspiration for his online haven came from his own struggles with mental health stigma and the realisation that many others like him need somewhere safe to go for information, acceptance, and guidance.

SayHey places a premium on the principle of anonymity in carrying out its work. Users are encouraged to open up about their problems on the site without fear of repercussions to their privacy.

SayHey’s capacity to bring together people who have been through similar struggles is one of its greatest strengths. Users that join the SayHey community may take comfort in the fact that they are not alone in their trials. The platform encourages a caring and compassionate community where people may help and be helped by others.

SayHey is a flourishing and supportive group of people who trust in the life-altering potential of genuine human connection. Users are urged to take an active role by posting about their personal experiences and providing encouragement to others who are going through similar situations. Community points may be redeemed for prizes, and points are awarded for every donation.

Experts in many fields are the backbone of the SayHey community, sharing their views and expertise with the rest of us. As representatives of the company, these experts are there to help customers solve problems and develop as people.

To extend its dedication to mental health, SayHey has launched a dedicated app, now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app has a fluid and user-friendly layout that allows people to engage anonymously with a community of like-minded people and seek the help they require. The launch of the SayHey app marks a significant milestone in the journey toward improving mental health support and breaking down the barriers of silence and stigma.

About SayHey:

SayHey is a groundbreaking platform dedicated to breaking down barriers in mental health support. SayHey, which Kaushal Modi founded, offers people a safe and anonymous forum to express their concerns, look for advice, and find solace. Download the SayHey app from the Google Play Store to experience the transforming power of a caring community. For more details, visit