Wellness via Yoga: Prioritising Physical and Mental Health

Yogatathva's renowned founder, Padmapriyadharsini, is a leading voice in spreading the word about yoga's many health advantage


It has become more clear, in the face of the current crisis, how crucial it is to take care of our physical and emotional health. Nurturing our bodies and brains is crucial to living a satisfying life, regardless of how urgent and chaotic our circumstances may be.

A comprehensive practise that includes both physical and mental advantages, yoga emerges as an amazing path to reaching good mental health. This ancient practise, known for its focus on meditation, has been shown to benefit both physical health and mental clarity.

Yogatathva’s renowned founder, Padmapriyadharsini, is a leading voice in spreading the word about yoga’s many health advantages. Padmapriyadharsini has an MD in Acupuncture and Sujok Therapy to go along with her experience in Medicine and Yoga Therapy. She is the leader of the Yogatathva team of yoga therapists, and she has over eleven years of expertise in the field.

Padmapriyadharsini’s extensive resume includes a 500 TTC, 200 TTC, and 50 TTC Aerial Training Certificate (TTC) from the Yoga Alliance, attesting to her proficiency in the discipline. Her reach isn’t limited to India; she teaches yoga all around the world, including in places like California (USA), Sweden, and Singapore.

Padmapriyadharsini has won various honours and awards for her excellent achievements. The SIWAA 2019 Outstanding Entrepreneur Award, the Nobel Golden Award for Best Yoga Therapist, and the highly regarded Asia’s ICONIC YOGA THERAPIST AWARD are just a few of the accolades she has received.

The yoga classes performed at Thirukazhukundram on December 24 and 25, 2022, under Padmapriyadharsini’s tutelage, had a profound effect on its participants. Participants of all ages enthusiastically embraced the carefully crafted practises and shared moving accounts of personal growth as a result. Padmapriyadharsini provided a safe and encouraging setting where many people were able to make significant progress in their lives.

Padmapriyadharsini’s yoga instruction helps participants bring their thoughts and deeds into harmony, resulting in better judgement and a more satisfying life overall. Numerous people have testified to the life-changing effects of her advice and become ardent proponents of her method.

This yoga practice equips practitioners with the tools necessary for introspection and positive personal transformation. Empowering individuals to lead lives of fulfillment and success, Padmapriyadharsini’s expertise in yoga therapy has garnered heartfelt gratitude from those who have achieved a state of mental well-being under her guidance.

If you seek to join the ranks of those who have reaped the benefits of this yoga training, seize the opportunity to learn from Padmapriyadharsini and witness the transformative impact it can have on your

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