MG Lion News associate sponsors CCL Bhojpuri Dabangg

MG Lion News, Asia's biggest gaming platform, has bought the CCL 2023 sponsorship rights to Bhojpuri Dabangg

New Delhi : The Bhojpuri film industry’s representative in the Celebrity Cricket League, Bhojpuri Dabangg, has joined forces with the rapidly expanding MG Lion News online gaming platform (CCL).

MG Lion News, Asia’s biggest gaming platform, has bought the CCL 2023 sponsorship rights to Bhojpuri Dabangg. As part of the agreement, the Bhojpuri Dabangg team’s uniforms will have the MG Lion News Online emblem.

The fact that Asia’s largest gaming platform is backing Bhojpuri Dabangg is exciting news for everyone involved. The membership in the organisation is evidence of the worldwide recognition received by the Bhojpuri film industry’s official team. I’d like to thank MG Lion News for sponsoring us, and I think we’ll both gain from this cooperation,” said Manoj Tiwari, the Bhojpuri Dabangg captain and actor.

The decision by MG Lion News to support the Bhojpuri Dabangg team was also applauded by Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua.

“The Bhojpuri film industry isn’t just killing it on the big screen; it’s also proving it can’t be ignored on the field of play. He then remarked on how significant it was that MG Lion News had joined forces.

Bhojpuri royalty Rani Chatterjee and Amrapali Dubey of YouTube fame have both praised MG Lion News for its partnership with Bhojpuri Dabangg. They said that the platform hosts over a hundred different games, such as cricket, football, hockey, table tennis, and more, and has over ten lakh users across Asia. They went on to say that the association is something to be proud of not just for the Bhojpuri Dabangg squad, but for all speakers of the Bhojpuri language, now that it is receiving international recognition.

Earlier this week in Jaipur, Bhojpuri Dabangg and Chennai Rhinos squared off in the CCL. The southern Indian side was thoroughly beaten by the Bhojpuri squad. Hearing that MG Lion will be sponsoring the Bhojpuri Dabangg squad was a pleasant surprise for both the players and the supporting cast of females.

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