Mentally Ill Prisoner Climbs Mango Tree in Navsari, Rescued After Hours

The Navsari jail authorities were on their toes when a mentally ill inmate climbed on the top of the mango tree in a fit of rage


NAVSARI,GUJARAT : An unique challenge was presented to officials on Thursday by Santosh Dehri, a mentally ill prisoner, who climbed a mango tree on the grounds of the Navsari sub-jail. This happened when Dehri was getting ready to be transferred to Navsari Civil Hospital to receive treatment.

After escaping from police custody and swiftly climbing the tree, 23-year-old Dehri—who is imprisoned under sections 323 and 325—created a disturbance. After the jail staff’s attempts to reassure him failed, the Navsari-Vijalpore Municipality fire department was called upon.

“Santosh Dehri, an undertrial from Jharkhand who lives in Umargam, has been in solitary confinement for the past week and has been uncommunicative,” confirmed Jail Superintendent Paresh Patel. His transfer to the civic hospital was announced over the loudspeaker, and he became agitated and climbed the mango tree. Instead of hurting himself, his actions were intended to disrupt the jail routine.

Dehri climbed the tree so quickly in response to the statement that the prison guards couldn’t find him. Concerned that Dehri would hurt himself if he attempted to leap, the authorities were on high alert. Consequently, they requested assistance from the fire department.

The ten firefighters who were dispatched to the scene wasted little time getting to work lowering Dehri down without incident. The captive was finally let free after an hour-long battle. Surprising the prison personnel, Dehri appeared to be consuming raw mangoes throughout the incident.

The sight of him sitting serenely on the branch, munching on mangoes, stunned us, as one of the prison guards put it. “It was a tense situation, but also somewhat surreal.”

Dehri was transferred to a public hospital by the jail administration upon their observation of his worsening mental state. The decision to seek a mental test and therapy was made in response to his recent behavior, which included his refusal to speak with anyone.

“Considering his mental state, we initiated efforts to transfer him for proper medical care,” he added. “He is now at the Civil Hospital, receiving the necessary psychiatric treatment.”