Maulana Abu Bakr Teemol’s Conspiracy to Assassinate Hindu Leaders Exposed

Insiders within the Surat Crime Branch unveiled Maulana Abu Bakr Teemol's deep-seated animosity towards Updesh Rana and Nupur Sharma for their vehement anti-Islamic stance


Surat : In a chilling revelation, the arrest of Mohammed Sohail alias Maulana Abu Bakr Teemol by the Surat Crime Branch has peeled back the layers of a sinister conspiracy aimed at the assassination of prominent Hindu and right-wing leaders in India. Motivated by their hate-filled speeches against Islam and Prophet Mohammed, Maulana and his Pakistan-based accomplices orchestrated a diabolical plan to silence voices that ignited religious sentiments across the nation.

Former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and Updesh Rana, the national secretary of Vishwa Sanatan Sangh, emerged as prime targets of Maulana Abu Bakr for their incendiary remarks. This shocking disclosure comes in the aftermath of a scathing reprimand from the Supreme Court directed at Nupur Sharma in July 2022, following her televised remarks against Prophet Mohammad. The court held Sharma culpable for instigating violence and unrest, underscoring her pivotal role in fomenting nationwide protests.

The Surat Crime Branch stumbled upon a whatsapp message for disturbing financial transaction amounting to ₹1 crore between the fundamentalist cleric and a Pakistani individual identified as Dogar. This exchange was earmarked for the orchestrated murders of Hindu leaders. Maulana, in collaboration with Dogar and an accomplice named Shahnaz from Nepal, brazenly issued death threats to Hindu leaders via various social media platforms. The gravity of the situation prompted the intervention of multiple agencies, including the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), State Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central IB, and National Investigation Agency (NIA), all converging in Surat for further investigation.

State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi, while actively campaigning for the Navsari Lok Sabha candidate, vehemently condemned Maulana’s nefarious actions. He underscored Maulana’s connections with Pakistani handlers and their concerted efforts to eliminate Hindu leaders. Sanghvi called upon the Congress to desist from shielding such elements for political expediency, emphasizing the imperative for stringent action against Maulana and his cohorts.

Insiders within the Surat Crime Branch unveiled Maulana’s deep-seated animosity towards Updesh Rana and Nupur Sharma for their vehement anti-Islamic stance. Updesh Rana’s propagation of hate speeches and incendiary content online fueled the ire of Maulana and his associates, exacerbating religious tensions within the country.

Mohammed Sohail alias Maulvi Abubakar Teemol, the alleged mastermind behind this heinous conspiracy, was presented before the court by the Crime Branch and remanded for 11 days until May 16. The ongoing investigation aims to unravel Maulana’s intricate communication channels with his Pakistani and Nepalese counterparts, explore potential arms procurement, ascertain the involvement of other individuals, and gauge the extent of radicalization through religious indoctrination.