Lok Sabha Elections 2024 : Amit Shah Foresees Rahul Gandhi’s Defeat in Rae Bareli

Addressing a massive rally in the union territory of Daman, Amit Shah predicted a bitter defeat for Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareli


DAMAN, UT : Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivered a blistering critique of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing a massive rally in the union territory of Daman, predicting a bitter defeat for Gandhi in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Rae Bareli. Shah’s remarks underscored the BJP’s electoral strategy while highlighting what he perceived as Gandhi’s lack of credibility and commitment to his constituents.

During his address, Shah minced no words, stating, “Rahul Baba was earlier contesting Lok Sabha elections from Amethi, then he fled to Wayanad, and now he went to Rae Bareli. There is no problem in the Lok Sabha seat; the problem is in Rahul Gandhi. He will lose wherever he goes.” Shah’s bold prediction portrayed Gandhi as a political opportunist, willing to shift constituencies in pursuit of electoral gains.

Shah’s criticism extended to the INDI Alliance, as he derided the prospect of multiple prime ministers under their leadership, likening it to running the country as a “grocery store.” He contrasted the success of Modi’s Chandrayaan mission with the alleged failures of ‘Rahulyaan’, painting a stark picture of incompetence under the Congress leadership.

Furthermore, Shah held the Congress responsible for the delayed independence of Diu-Daman, accusing the party of neglecting the region’s development. He lambasted the Congress for its purported inaction in addressing the needs of the Union territories, presenting the BJP as the party of progress and development under Modi’s leadership.

In a direct jab at Rahul Gandhi, Shah highlighted the Prime Minister’s unwavering dedication to public service, contrasting it with Gandhi’s alleged penchant for leisure travel. Shah remarked, “While Prime Minister Narendra Modi works day and night without taking a single day off, Rahul Baba goes to Bangkok-Thailand to spend his holiday as the heat rises even a little.”

With elections for the two Lok Sabha seats of Union Territory Diu-Daman and Dadra and Nagar Haveli scheduled for May 7, Shah rallied support for BJP candidates Lalubhai Patel and Kalaben Delkar. He emphasized the transformative impact of Modi’s leadership, portraying the Prime Minister as a symbol of humility and dedication to public service.

Shah’s impassioned address encapsulated the BJP’s electoral narrative, focusing on themes of leadership, development, and national pride. As the electoral battle intensifies, his remarks serve as a rallying cry for the BJP faithful, while underscoring the high stakes involved in the upcoming elections.